List of African/Yoruba Orishas (Archive and work in progress)

This is a sort of an expansion on someone else’s work.  The original post is here: …so you can see why I would want to archive the content.  There is also a character encoding problem. If anyone would like to add to this list, please feel free to post.  Mind you, this is a list specifically of Orishas from Yoruba and associated African traditions.  If you have an addition that has thusfar been exclusive …

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List of Known Orishas/Lwa


This is a list of known West African and diaspora Orishas, Vodun, Lwa, notable Spirits, and Deities.  I’ve gathered information from a variety of sources.  It is by no means a complete list, and different cultures have different names and pronunciations.  There are said to be over 400, aside of those individuals have discovered and/or adapted to their cultures. has an excellent page on the relation of the Yoruba and Fon pantheons.  It is an …

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