New Vodun Calendar and Chat

We now have a calendar and a chatroom.  You can browse the calendar on the site or subscribe to it using Google calendar. If you want to add additional holidays or local event announcements, feel free to contact us or post a comment on the calendar page. There are two chats you can use on the site, one pop-over chat in the bottom right corner, and the chat page.

Eshu Summer Festival 2011

Here at, we’re celebrating the summer festival of Eshu.  We have some special package deals at Sheloya Mystical, but those are for people who can afford them.  Many in the world are having a tough time financially, some because of  evil politicians, and some because of evil bankers.  This time of year, our doors and our hearts open to all, regardless of income. Eshu will be at the forefront of our altar for the whole …

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Vodun Holidays and Orisha Birthdays

This is a list of Vodun holidays.  It is by no means complete.  These are just the ones I know of and have gathered from a variety of people and sources.  Different cultures have different days.  Some synchronize them with Wiccan or Catholic holidays.  Follow your own soul on this. January 10: “Voodoo Day”, or Traditions Day, which is celebrated in Benin and by some in the diaspora to give thanks for and remember our …

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