How to Do Distance Readings

Tip of the iceberg.
The visible world is like the tip of the iceberg.

A question that I get a lot from both healers and seekers of healing is about how someone can possibly do it from a distance.  It is actually quite simple if one knows how.  The basic technique can be used by those with or without a special talent.  It doesn’t take a particularly deep spirituality.  What it does take however is a relatively strong mind.  It also helps with the visualization, to have a strong intellect.  You will need to be able to think in more than three dimensions.

First, we will review the facts, and then we will go into the how to, based on the facts.

Fact:  Everything in the universe, even in 3 dimensions, is connected.  We are not made of any unusual or unnatural substance that popped out of nowhere.  The same dirt the Earth is made of is the same dirt that we are made of, and is the same dirt that the stars and planets are made of.  We are just not all arranged the same.  The plastic spoon you use to stir your coffee is part of the same universe that you are.   The main difference between you and that plastic spoon though, is that you can sense the influence that plastic spoon has on you, but it can’t sense the influence that you have on it.

Fact:  The mind stores information, and information that is important enough is regarded as an influence.

Fact:  When an object or person influences us, we carry that with us beyond the moment of the incident.

Fact:  When influence between living beings is mutual, both have stored a mental image of one another, and the higher the impact of the influence, the deeper the connection is between the beings.

So, based on all of this information, the psychological connection between any two people overrides any physical distance.  You may reach out to one another through your minds at will.  Many people interpret such reaching out as a mystical experience.  However, it is very much psychological and doesn’t really require any particular ceremony. 

You may wish to use protective and positive prayers though, since you will be using the same parts of the brain that allow us to handle mystical experiences without going insane.

How to Reach Out

Clean and quiet your mind by the means that you are used to.  This could be deep breathing, relaxing to some soft music, chanting, dhikr, mantras, whatever.  You will need to reach a state of inner awareness first.

Imagine yourself (not your body, but your self however you are in your mind) standing in a wide open field with no ground.  You are in an area, not standing on a floor, but a stable area.  Then imagine all of the living beings you have ever met in your life (not their bodies, but their impressions as they have influenced you), even bugs and plants all around you.  Now remember that they have all had some influence on your life and the way that you think of things now.

If they appear to be spiralling around you, try to shift this to both a spiralling and a rolling towards you.  Remember that you are visualizing the influences that living beings have had on you because you are attempting to utilize your mutual connection with them.  Keep yourself steady while this is going on.  Going “out” to join them is a different exercise.

Don’t try to be specifically conscious of each and every individual being.  This will tire you out before your mission is started. 

Just be aware that they are all there, and all a part of your sphere of influence.  Then reach towards the being that you are attempting to contact by thinking of them.  It helps if you have seen and talked with them.  If you haven’t, then thinking of a letter or call you received from or about them is enough.  If the idea is just to connect with them, then when they come into your inner view, receive whatever information there is to receive, and then detatch naturally.  If you are to give them a gift of positive energy, then give this to them after receiving information, so you know what exactly to give them.

Then allow the visualization to dissipate gradually as you return to the “real world”.

See?  It’s not so difficult.  It just takes a bit of practice to get used to.  Try it out with close family and friends first, and then move outward to people who have had less mutual influence with you. 

You may someday be able to do distance readings and healing, but be patient with yourself.  Your natural abilities and level of openness will determine how well you will be able to use this technique.  Some times you may be more capable than others.

Blessings in your quest! :-)

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