an aquamarine wand

 Aquamarine is a type of beryl, that ranges from very light to bright blue-green.  Like kyanite, it owes its bluish color to the aluminum in it.  It’s found mostly in Brazil, but there is some in other places where there are deposits of tin.  Other stones that may be found near or with it are feldspar and tourmaline.

Metaphysical/Mystical Properties

Aquamarine is symbolic of the sea, and is said to bring good luck to sailors.  It is also said to be a cure-all, but in truth, its energy is more specific.  It has a cooling effect when rubbed on the skin because it draws away heat.  So it is useful for someone who tends to get hot or a rise in blood pressure when they are stressed.  It also helps someone to control their anger.

Because of its close association with water, it helps to regulate the body’s water balance.  If you tend to get thirsty often due to diabetes, or are easily dehydrated, then while you’re being treated for the main problem, carrying or wearing an aquamarine near the throat or chest can help.

Caring For Your Aquamarine

Clean aquamarine with clear water.  Do not let it get too hot, or bake it in the oven to make polymer clay handles for them, or they may split.  It won’t get damaged from normal wear, but beryl can shatter like a diamond if it is smashed against something.

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