a kyanite therapy stone

 Kyanite is a very under-appreciated stone because it isn’t often found in gem quality.  Usually, it’s ground up and used as an industrial abraisive or a kind of glitter for ceramics.  This special aluminum silicate though, packs a powerful metaphysical punch, as in the few cases that it is found tightly packed enough not to fall apart, it is breathtakingly beautiful and immediately takes the viewer to a calmer state.  The reason why is because it reminds one of water.  Indeed, even touching it feels like touching ice that isn’t frozen.

The reason why is because of the columns of crystal that form kyanite.  It’ll always have multiple levels of hardness.  So a sensitive person will feel the slight ridges and perhaps even the varying temperatures of the columns.

Metaphysical/Mystical Properties

Kyanite is a calming stone.  It helps one to relax and keep a cool head during tough times.  It is an interesting coincidence that it is becoming more popular these days, as many people have found their lives turned upside down because of financial problems.

It’s a great stone for competitive athletes, and students during exam season.  It’s also said to make people less nervous when trying to speak a new language.

Kyanite Ring
a kyanite ring

One not so well known use of kyanite is to dispell the “evil eye”.  It amplifies the effect of eye symbols, and is used by some as the eye itself on hamza symbols.  The refractory effect is said to confuse any possible jealous or possessive onlookers.

Caring For Your Kyanite

It does not need to be “cleaned” in the same way as other stones.  A little time in sunlight will do, if you feel it necessary.  If it gets physically dirty, just rinse it with room temperature water.

Keep kyanite from rubbing too much against other stones or even normal hard objects.  It has perfect cleavage, so a chip will turn into a full fledged split.  This is why the water you clean it with should be room temperature. Rapid changes may split your stone.

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