Agate WandAgate is a type of chalcedony quartz that is usually formed in cavities of volcanic lava.  Banded agates were formed in layers, while some agates crystalize in a nodules while the silica is still a bit soft.  What differentiates agate from other types of quartz is its finer grain and stripes or banding.

It comes in many colors and patterns.  Though most agate is fairly inexpensive, it has a very high sentimental and spiritual value to many.  Just about all faiths on Earth prize a particular type of agate for its energetic properties or symbolic meaning.

It is the mentioned in the Bible as a necessary stone in the priest’s breastplate.  It was said to aid in judgement and to help one achieve the correct mental and spiritual state for their work.  Carnelian agate is prized by many Muslims for protective talismans.  Also, sometimes the bands form the name of Allah in Arabic.  These stones are particularly highly prized.

In American southeastern Hoodoo, agate is commonly used for protection and to “set things in stone”.  Black agate is protective against negative witchcraft.  Blue agate, especially in circular bands, protects against the evil eye.

Different varieties and colors have different mystical properties, but generally, they are for boosting energy or power, protection, healing, and balancing the yin and yang.  They are a power stone for Geminis and can help break the melancholy common in Cancers who fit their astrological sign a little too well.

Because of its combination of hardness and its fine grain, agate is an excellent stone for both mundane and magical tools and jewelry.  It can hold a carved symbol or prayer through years of wear and tear.

These days when many are suffering from being overwhelmed and pollution and misnourishment causes energy problems and chronic fatigue, agate is an essential tool in a crystal therapists’ arsenal.

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