IronWynch Takes On a Modern Lie: Everyone Deserves Love

Flowers in the Sea

Loving people, especially spiritual counselors, are often targeted by narcissists and other abusive types because we are more tolerant and forgiving of people’s quirks and flaws.  Spiritual counselors must know how to protect and take care of themselves so they will be able to take care of others.  An abuser can wreck your mind in their attempts to damage your soul.  They will, if you allow them, use your honor and kindness against you.

When an abuser wants to justify or avoid responsibility for their bad behavior, they turn it around on the receiver. They make it your fault that you were hurt by what they did. It’s not that they are wrong for calling you out of your name, hitting you, neglecting or betraying you, or otherwise harming you. According to them, you were hurt because you aren’t loving, loyal, or forgiving enough.

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