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Light Axis Healing

Light Axis Healing is a powerful holistic therapy that helps to heal emotional and physical trauma and illness. It uses 7 unique and highly advanced spiritual healing techniques within one healing. Purchase a healing session now from the website. There are also healing courses, books and audios on the website. You can also purchase a clairvoyant psychic readings from the site.Sessions can be done over Skype, Phone Email or In Person.A small 5-10 minute psychic reading is included for free with each healing purchased. For more detailed readings, they can be purchased separately to the healing. Namaste. Thank you.


A web log of unique articles on religion and spirituality, offers spiritual counseling based on Indian Wisdom.

Pure Psychic Insight

Our genuine, honest psychic readers and mediums offer spirtual advice for help when you need it most.

Sadulu House

Sadulu House is the name of the school/shule that the Anu spiritual order utilizes as its vehicle for instruction.Through the Sadulu House members learn modalities of healing, spirit working, occult sciences, indigenous culture, community building, and soul re-balancing.Over the course of a 9 month semester students learn the following spiritual disciplines and skills:Various forms of divination/readings using Obi, I-Ching, and Medicine CardsRitualScience of sacrificeCosmic ArchetypesWorking with your energy Archetype/matrixElements of your own beingInvocations/EvocationsConjuringAlchemySymbol/Sound DecodingAlthough HRU works with and through various spiritual systems, the ANU system is one that is born exclusively from his own experience, meditation, channeling, research, and divination.

Sheloya Mystical Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and Rootwork

Spiritual counseling and assistance from Sis. Nicole (also known online as Sheloya). Sheloya is a licensed U.L.C. minister and practitioner of eclectic spirituality including Vodun and Native American mysticism. Bone and tarot readings, spell casting, offerings on your behalf, talismans, amulets, paper charms, and more available.

Spirit Green Good Energy Items

Spirit Green designs & builds hand made Good Energy Jewels and Items, powered by Semi-Precious Natural Stones and Symbolism, meant to support us in everyday life's challenges.Every Spirit Green Design is the result of long-term study and research over new, original ideas. For that reason, every Spirit Green Good Energy Item is original and unique.

Woodland Gatherings

Spiritual guidance sessions are available either in person, over the phone, or by video chat (skype, gmail chat). Ceremonies offered by Abby Drew through Woodland Gatherings include; weddings, commitments, vow renewals, baptisms, funerals, blessings, handfastings, and more. Healing sessions may include reiki, channeling or mediumship, chakra balancing, acupressure and meridian balancing, crystal attunements and healing, lifestyle counseling, and deep emotional balancing. Please contact us with any questions you have or to schedule your session or ceremony today.

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