Sponsor an Offering, Get a Special Charm

Sponsor an Offering, Get a Special Charm

Sheloya's Home AltarWe do offerings for the Orishas at my home altar, in various fields and parks in our area, and at the beach.  This is something we’re very grateful to be able to do, as we know that not everyone in the world has this privilege.  Some are far from home or from anyone else serving the Orishas.  Some have limited space.  Some live in families or areas that inhibit their ability to express their beliefs.  So now you have the opportunity to let our temple be your temple.

Israel is a country well known for its high level of spiritual energy.  Haifa, where we live, is an especially strong location.  Aside of the ground being rich with unique quartz crystal geodes, the prophet Elijah made his home in nearby caves and mountains.  Some consider him an avatar of Shango.  God gave him the power to call fire from the sky, and rather than dying, he was carried to Heaven/Orun in a chariot of fire supported by a whirlwind that may have been Oya herself.

You can sponsor an offering or feast for any Orisha, or for all of them.  We do as much as we can afford to every day of the week.  You are free to give a small donation that will be enough for a dose of incense, to a large offering that will be enough to make a party.  Just adjust the quantity in the shopping cart accordingly.

When you give an offering, we send you a hand made souvenir charm that contains ashes and/or fragments and/or earth from the event, as appropriate.  Here is an example of a souvenir charm that we made from a recent offering for Eshu:

Ebo for Eshu Sponsor Souvenir Charm Pendant

If you give enough to sponsor a feast (over $150) then we’ll also take photos and send receipts so that you know how your donation was spent.  Guests or benefactors may also bring gifts for the sponsor if they can, and we’ll send those as well.

As you can probably tell by now, if you’ve read the site, taken my courses, or met me anywhere, you know that I’m serious, and we won’t misuse your funds.  It will be used either for the feast or given to a cause that the Orisha(s) you give it for, tell us to give it to.  You won’t be kept in the dark about what is done with your money.  It’s not for us.  It’s for the Orishas and to nurture the Vodun community in Israel.

If you have any requests or concerns that you would like us to bring to the Orisha of your choice, please state so in the instructions section of the payment form.

Product name: Sponsor an Ebo (Offering)
Price: $10.00

Thank you in advance!

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