Aje’ Shaluga Loves Oshun Business and Money Blessing Necklace

Aje’ Shaluga Loves Oshun Business and Money Blessing Necklace

Aje Shaluga loves Oshun Necklace

Product name: Aje’ Shaluga Loves Oshun Necklace
Price: $15.50

This necklace is made in a pattern that honors Aje’ Shaluga, the Orisha of money and riches’ love for Oshun, the Orisha of beauty and prosperity.  You can wear it to attract money or hang it in your home or business to attract wealth or customers.

Some identify Aje Shaluga as a male, and some as a female, but I believe that it doesn’t really matter.  The desire to gain resources is a natural force in almost all animals.  The animals who have the capacity to think of the future or a storing up or nest displaying instinct are both male and female.  In humans, the designated provider gender is generally male, for practical and perhaps instinctive or “hard wired” reasons.  However, the wealth itself may be considered a feminine entity by most males because they often pursue it with the fervor with which they pursue women, or pursue wealth for the sake of attracting women.

I say that a person should follow their heart or whichever tradition they’re most comfortable with, and ditch the discord.  We’re talking about Orishas, and except for the ones who are ascended humans, their gender is not so important except in whatever helps the individual feel more connected.  As you did when you were first learning, and allowed Eshu to show you the way, let Aje Shaluga show you the best way for you to relate to him and/or her.

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