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    Since I am no longer a business but the leader of an ile/spiritual group, I have had to restructure things in my life and websites. So I have moved the focus of my non local community service to ObeahWoman.com. I will keep most pages with important information up until April 2023 so long as they are still being referenced, but you should update your links and bookmarks. Thank you!

Root Work and Ceremonies

Offering Gold to OshunStandard Spells

Our standard spells are done during our daily observances and offerings.  We offer these for very low prices because they are a normal part of prayers and offerings that we do for the community, and do not require the level of offerings of a custom spell.

We do not however, make insane promises of instant results.  With this level of spell, you can expect to see some change to your situation because there is no such thing as giving offerings to the Orishas and nothing happening.  You are at least showing that you respect them and that you are willing to invest in what you want.  The results may vary, but it is certain that something good will happen.

You can order these spells as many times as you like.  In fact, ordering at regular intervals is a good thing to keep the energy of your working high.  Once you pay for a spell, your cause goes on my altar, and then I will do the spell and give offerings of incense, food, and other appropriate gifts to the deities on your behalf.

Standard Protection Spell – Protection against malevolent witchcraft and evil eye.  You will need to send me the full name and a photo of yourself or the person you wish protected.  You can order per person, but if you are a part of a couple, only pay once for both of you.  Choose the family option if you need to protect more than 3 people.  This protection lasts 1 year.

Standard protection per individual or couple: $30

Family protection (more than 3 people): $90

Standard Justice Spell – This is an offering and spell done to gain justice or vengeance against someone who has wronged you.  Though it seems small and is not as devastating as a custom justice spell, it is something to consider carefully before doing.  From my experience, with this level of offerings and the spell, the deities of Justice will give them three strikes or plagues.  Three bad things will happen to them that will teach them a lesson or take away any joy or profit they gained from their wrongdoing.  Also, unlike a custom spell, you are putting the issue entirely in Eshu’s hands.  That means you or I don’t get to decide exactly what happens to them.  Eshu decides…and depending on how much dirt the person has done in their life, it could be a really bad punishment you hadn’t even thought of.  So choose this only if you are comfortable with *whatever* happening to your enemy.

Standard Justice Spell: $60

Standard Love Spell – If a custom love/reconciliation spell was out of your range, or if the person already loves you, but the relationship is problematic or needs maintenance of magical work that you went DIY with, this is a good option.   Many of you out there have done your own spells or were promised grand results that didn’t happen or didn’t last.  Sometimes the hands of experience are needed from someone who you can verify actually does the work and offerings.  Sometimes the love spell worked but didn’t last because you forgot to thank Oshun.  Make sure to do a free love reading and remember the results, or order a love reading first.  If you have, and it was positive, and you are clear to do magic to keep your partner, then you can choose a standard love spell.  It is recommended to do this monthly until the relationship is secure, and then give a yearly thanks offerings to Oshun.

Love Reading – $5

Standard Love Spell – $50

Yearly Thanks Offering to Oshun – $250

During the months of February and July, we also have custom love spell discounts leading up to the Oshun festivals in March and August.

Custom Workings and “Spells”

We do custom gri-gri, charms, talismans, ceremonies and rootwork for any just purpose.

Our policy with ceremonies is to charge enough to cover our costs. We take photos of custom spells and send them to you by email so that you can see what is being done with your money. After the ceremony is done, and it works, you may donate a thanks offering if you like. This will be used to maintain our temple, community work, and thank the Orishas for the success. We also send special items to donors.  You can see photos of ceremonies we have done at my site ObeahWoman.com

Please write me about your situation, and I will tell you what I can do to help.


Healing is an entirely different matter from other workings.  The spirits I work with do not allow the issue of money to cloud the issue of health.  The offerings for these are funded by thanks offerings and other resources I am blessed with.  Be advised once you make the request, that the divination may reveal the need for a conventional treatment or test, or a talisman or herbal remedy or perhaps even lifestyle changes that are necessary for healing.  So the only cost is your being serious about doing what it takes to get better.

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We do a variety of workings, such as:

Tell me what you need, and I will find a way.  If a custom spell does not suit your budget, or the divination says that’s not what you need, you may opt for one of our standard spells.




Link to this page at: https://soulmindbody.net/store/eXTwY


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  2. Just love your readings. Thank you for all you do.

  3. Dear Sheloya

    I am requesting a love reading from you.

    I have been advised the person I love has had a strong spell cast on them. Is it possible to check whether this is the case please?

    Would a love spell clear these negative energies place on this person & allow us to come together if that is what the universe allows?

    Love & Light

    • It is possible to find out what is going on. If the Orishas who most affect romantic relationships are favorable, a love spell can be done. However, though a love spell can shift circumstances, it cannot change the person. They still have their same personality, and often even if a love spell is successful, it doesn’t mean the resulting relationship will be.

  4. Do you assist with drug addiction?

  5. I feel like someone is using witchcraft against me ppl are contstantly stabbing me in the back I am myself a witch and learning everyday but this person who I think is hurting me is narccisstic and manlipulative traits

  6. Hi,

    I need a reading,

    how long wil it take for a reading and can I send picture for the reading? It’s urgent.


  7. Hi,
    Do you do spells to help with finances. We ( like so many others in this time) are in desperate need of financial help.

  8. I don’t know what is going I feel that someone has turned my woman into my ex & has used root work for everything to happen I lost everything my woman my job my family and I’m staying with my moms!! We was together for 10 years I really need your help

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