Root Work and Ceremonies

Oshun Ebo TableWe do custom gri-gri, charms, talismans, ceremonies and rootwork for any just purpose.  We can also give offerings to the Orishas and other deities on your behalf.

Our policy with ceremonies is to charge enough to cover our costs. We take photos and send them to you by email so that you can see what is being done with your money. After the ceremony is done, and it works, you may donate a thanks offering if you like. This will be used to maintain our temple, community work, and thank the Orishas for the success. We also send special items to donors.  You can see photos of ceremonies we have done at my site

Please write me about your situation, and I will tell you what I can do to help.

Please fill out this form if you have a special case or are not sure what kind of ceremonial work or talisman you need.

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We do a variety of workings, such as:

Tell me what you need, and I will find a way.  Just be mindful that a spell isn’t the solution to every problem.  Many things can be solved effectively with tools, supplies, or offerings.  So don’t look at some of the prices and panic.  We’ll work something out that is within your budget.

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