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Qetesh Plaque, Oil, and Nkisi Sets

Qetesh Plaque, Oil, and Nkisi Sets

Qetesh PlaqueThis is the Sumerian/Egyptian/Nubian deity Qetesh.  Qetesh is in charge of sacred sexuality, and is called upon in situations where more passion is needed in a relationship.  She can inspire or restore lust in couples, and help both men and women to function optimally.  She also helps women to stay youthful and energetic into old age.

Her sacred number is 11 or alternating patterns of 5 and 6, her sacred colors, red and gold, her flower, the lotus.  She is a favorite among dancers and people in adult professions, as well as survivors of sexual trauma.  She helps survivors to take back their sexual power and be fully functioning men and women despite things that have happened to them.

In the context of Obeah, she is considered a daughter of Oshun and Shango, made of beauty and fire.  We make plaques, waist elekes, and nkisi for Qetesh.  Each item is sculpted or assembled by hand, so there may be slight variations.

Product name: Qetesh Altar Plaque (9 x 7.5 cm.)
Price: $45.00

Product name: Qetesh Waist Beads (any size, specify waist measurement in order form)
Price: $19.50

Product name: Qetesh Perfume Oil (10 ml.)
Price: $35.00

Description: A delightful mixture of floral, sweet, and sacred with champaca, blue lotus, sandalwood, poppy, and other fine ingredients.  It smells pure sexy.  It is very strong, so we recommend making a 5-10% body oil with this.

Qetesh Nkisi SetProduct name: Qetesh Altar Plaque, Oil, Waist Beads, and Nkisi Set (Sent by Express Mail Service)
Price: $945.00

Description: The full kit blessed at our altar with full ceremony, for those who wish to gain the blessings of Qetesh.  It includes the plaque, the oil, waist beads, a special Qetesh nkisi, a Qetesh beaded macuto, a sacred scroll, crystals and herbs, in a hand painted sacred box.