Roots and Rooted
Yoruba and West African spirituality as practiced by traditional adherents.  This is a great site for getting back to the roots of your roots.


Hoodoo Crossroads
A wonderful blog on the folk magic or “root work” and spirituality of the southern United States.  It draws from a mixture of African, Native American and other belief systems, though most practitioners are Christian.

Jewelry and Supplies

RebelOrisha @Etsy
Jewelry and shadow boxes (mini altars) and other spiritual accessories and supplies.

Formal Education

I.K.S. Indigenous Knowledge Studies, the House of Shetobu
Learn African mysticism and healing directly from the elders in Ghana.


Columbine’s School of Botanical Studies
The Columbines School of Botanical Studies offers a unique educational program ranging from entry level lectures in community herbalism to a two plus year program including botany, ecology, wildcrafting, plant pharmacy, physiology, pathophysiology, and clinical herbalism.

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