Ile Baalat Tevah on Yemaya Day 2012

Ile Baalat Tevah on Yemaya Day 2012

This is a place where you can post your thank-you notes to the Orishas, learn more about them, or request readings or rootwork.

Orisha Online Altar is sponsored by Sheloya Mystical, makers of mystical and gothic jewelry and talismans.  We are Vodun practitioners based in northern Israel.  Yes, Israel.

We are Ile Baalat Tevah, and practice our own unique type of Vodun that incorporates Canaanite, Kemetic, Greek, and other local systems, while respecting individuals’ Ancestors.  We defer only to the African priesthoods, and do not claim any association with the Lukumi, save respect.  So please do not interpret any of the instructions or guidance in this site as instructions for Lukumi/Santeria ceremonies or practices.  There are many flavors of Vodun in Africa and the diaspora.

Ifa Readings and Guidance

If you would like an Ifa reading by a real African priest, please contact:

Sangosakin Ajala from the Temple of Shango in Osogbo, Nigeria (English)

Hounon Simeon from the ancestral line of Mami Wata priesthood in Togo (French)

Omooba Sangomayowa Ibuowo from Ileaseolukoso Temple in Nigeria (English)

Link to this article: https://soulmindbody.net/esu/SR6Fe

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