Vodun F.A.Q. Ridden By a Sexual Orisha

An issue that comes up frequently is that a person is ridden or “possessed” by an Orisha that wants sex.  Because it is a benevolent possession, one has some control of their actions, and this may break the trance, causing the ceremony, dance, or the riding to end prematurely, which is no fun for the individual, and a bit of a killjoy for the other participants, if any. Sometimes, it can be quite frightening for …

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Esu, Exu, Elegua, Legba

Oh Great Exu, Keeper of the Gate! Between life and death, The physical and spiritual realm, The seen and the unseen, The known and the unknown, Please accept our humble invitation, To join in this feast. We ask your permission, To commune with our Ancestors, And with the Lwa who came before. Oh Great Exu, Keeper of the Gate! Please open the gate for us. Disclaimer: Different sects, families, and groups have different beliefs. This …

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