Vodun F.A.Q. Ridden By a Sexual Orisha

An issue that comes up frequently is that a person is ridden or “possessed” by an Orisha that wants sex.  Because it is a benevolent possession, one has some control of their actions, and this may break the trance, causing the ceremony, dance, or the riding to end prematurely, which is no fun for the individual, and a bit of a killjoy for the other participants, if any. Sometimes, it can be quite frightening for …

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What is Gris-gris?

A gris-gris (also spelled gri-gri) is an amulet or talisman made by placing particular objects or ingredients into a small package for a specific purpose.  They were originally called “ouanga” or “wanga”, and are sometimes called mojo bags or simply charm bags.  A special type of charm bag that is very popular among practitioners of Santeria is the macuto. Gris-gris can be in the form of cloth, leather, membrane, or paper, clay, foil, wax, polymer, …

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List of Known Orishas/Lwa


This is a list of known West African and diaspora Orishas, Vodun, Lwa, notable Spirits, and Deities.  I’ve gathered information from a variety of sources.  It is by no means a complete list, and different cultures have different names and pronunciations.  There are said to be over 400, aside of those individuals have discovered and/or adapted to their cultures. MamiWata.com has an excellent page on the relation of the Yoruba and Fon pantheons.  It is an …

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What is Voodoo?

Voodoo is a term used to describe a variety of  polytheistic, panentheistic, and hierarchical monotheistic belief systems rooted in West Africa.  Its more accurate name is Vodun, which means the spirits or essences (of nature). At its core, it is somewhat agnostic, in that the vast majority of adherents believe that it is impossible to accurately define or imagine the Supreme God.  So rather than treat the Supreme God as a Santa Claus type figure …

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