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Vodun F.A.Q. – How can a person who is not a priest make workings more effective?

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Eshu on the balcony As I’ve said in previous articles, some things are best put in the hands of a priest/ess or someone of that level.  However, I understand that not everyone is going to take that advice.  Also many people in the diaspora live in areas with no priests, or they’ve encountered one too many charlatans.  Whatever reason you want to take things into your own hands, there are some things you should know before you do that.

First of all, the Orishas are not Santa Claus.  You need them every day to survive.  They are in you, in your blood, in the air all around you, in the earth, and everywhere.  If you think you might ever want to make a specific request from them, you should be doing daily observances.

Also, if you know who your head is, you should be walking your natural path, and living a life that glorifies them and glorifies God/Olodumare/Mawu-Lisa.  You can’t be living counter to Nature and expect to get good things from her.  It just doesn’t work that way.

For example, if your head is Oshun, you should be living beautifully.  Even if you are dirt poor, the dirt should be elegant, organized, and the softest, nicest dirt anyone was ever poor in.  Clean your house.  Repair your clothes.  Make what little you may have sparkle, and take care of yourself and the people around you.

If your head is Eshu, you might be able to get away with some trickiness and hustling, but you’d better treat the children and the elderly well.

If your head is Shango and you don’t stand up for yourself, you’re doing it wrong.

If your head is Ogun and you are lazy, you are messing up.  Get where I’m going with this?

Live Vodun.

Next, there is community.  If there is something specific you need from the Orishas, it helps to get the word out to trusted people.  Don’t try to go it alone.  Get others directing energy and offerings towards the same goal.  If you are sure that you are not the priestly type, then forming a community may encourage someone to step up and put some time and energy into study.

Ebo or community feasts are very important.  If there are no priests, you and other Vodun observant or friendly friends should still be having them.  Don’t worry too much about formality so much as respecting the Orishas.

While you’re respecting the Orishas, don’t forget that the Egungun is important as well.  You should keep photos or other tokens of your departed relatives and loved ones in a special place in your house or room.  Visit their graves, bringing them flowers and some of their favorite foods from time to time.

If you do all this then your DIY workings will have a greater chance of success because you are at least being observant and living in line with Nature.

Why do people post Voodoo spells on the internet?

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Orisha Online Altar is moving to a new domain, Orisha.me

Please update your bookmarks and links. This site will be up until April or May of 2023 to give everyone who is linking to us time.

There was a time I thought this was a bad idea, but then I saw how much fakery and misinformation there was out there. Someone needed to speak up for the witches who didn’t grow up in sheltered bubbles wherein they could afford to avoid the fact that witchcraft was spawned in the blood of the oppressed. There is also the problem that most of our parents’ generation moved out of the rural areas and into cities and suburbs. When they left behind their old towns, they also left behind what they viewed as the “superstitions”, and further dug into their oppressors’ style of religion to fit in. So it was time to share some knowledge, at least get folks up to speed to what everybody interested should know.

On the internet with “Voodoo spells“, in some cases, it is a joke.  In some cases, the authors have co opted the convenient aspects of Vodun and put it in a western frame.  In some cases, they are workings that are common for laypersons and aspiring mystics to do for themselves, and only called spells because the term “working” isn’t as well understood.  In a few cases though, it is that a mystic and author wants people to know what is involved in doing a working, so that they appreciate the cost and effort of their priest.

So long as they are posted in the context of educating people, and spiritual and psychological readiness is taken seriously, it is not a bad thing.  The problem is that readiness is seldom approached because the author either takes for granted that anyone doing the working would be a consistent practitioner who is at least doing regular offerings to Eshu, or they are overly westernized and don’t consider it important.

Take amarres, for instance.  Most people who would search for how to do an amarre would be practicing Santeros/Lukumi or somewhere else in the spectrum.  They are wearing or carrying amulets, and do weekly offerings to Eshu and whoever is their head, if it is known.  So they would be ready to do a normal amarre.  Because they live in awareness, it would also have a better chance of working.

If they are not practicing consistently and giving regular offerings, because of a lack of time or because they are mystically aware, but not so mystically inclined, they would read the instructions and easily understand to put this in the hands of a priest.  So knowing how it is done lets them know that they are not equipped or should not try to do it themselves.  No harm is done.

However, for some people, posting the instructions leads them to believe that they can jump in without any preparation or protection.  Even worse, most of the instructions I’ve seen online do not begin with offerings and asking the permission of Eshu.  Without asking Eshu, all of whatever efforts and expenses people go through to do Vodun and diaspora like “spells” are wasted.

This is not to say that all spells anywhere must start explicitly with the name Eshu or Elegua.  People who are not Eshu aware may still have the equivalent in their belief system.  In some faiths, there is another similar Spirit or a kind of abbreviated word to open prayers.  What I’m saying is that something must always be done to approach the Spirits with the right mind, and in Vodun, this is the call to Eshu.

So if you come across a “Voodoo spell” that does not begin with calling Eshu, it is not going to work and probably posted by someone who knows nothing of Vodun.  If it does, then they are likely posting it with good intentions for the sake of educating the public and increasing appreciation of the work of priests.

Why didn’t my Voodoo spell work?

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Orisha Online Altar is moving to a new domain, Orisha.me

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Usually, the reason a spell or formula doesn’t work is that for some reason, it is against Nature.  Sometimes it is that the person doing the spell wasn’t prepared or qualified to do it.  Sometimes it is something that simply cannot happen, on the level of dropping a rock and having it fall up instead of down.  Sometimes the problem is that one’s Guardians or Head knows that getting what they ask for would be bad for them.

This is why you should do some research before attempting a work.  You would learn the basic use of tools and practice on smaller, less complicated things before you began to build a bookshelf.  You should learn about Vodun or whichever system you’re most comfortable with before attempting to do a working.

Learning is not enough though.  Lifestyle is important.  People who live at a priestly level have a better success rate because they live in a state of ritual purity.  They observe the obligations and taboos of their Head, and make regular offerings.  They don’t just jump into action when someone asks them to do a working.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they stay in active service to the Spirits.  Many also do psychic development exercises to enhance abilities that help them to increase their awareness and range.

So when they approach a working, they can do so with the confidence that to the best of their abilities, they are ready.  Then there is the necessary divination to find out whether or not the Spirits approve of a working being done at all.

Very few people who find spells on the internet take the time to prepare themselves or do divination before attempting a work.  They don’t ask if the work should be done, or if they should do it themselves or have someone else do it or some parts of it for them.

Other Reasons for Limited Success

If two people participated in a crime, and you went to the police to report it, but then told them to only arrest one of them because the other one was useful to you, what would they say?  If you ask for justice, but then want to tie the hands of the Spirits, then you don’t really want justice.

Similar things happen when people do spells for love.  They ask the Spirits to cause someone to love or be attracted to them, but don’t take that person’s personality or needs into consideration.  Just because someone is attracted to you or loves you doesn’t mean they will express it in the way you want them to.  Also, the Spirits may bring someone to you, but you must be brave and express interest in them when they do.

Too many people are too picky about how a blessing comes to them.  They ask for opportunities, and the Spirits bring them opportunities, but then the asker doesn’t take the opportunity.

In short, if you want to do workings for yourself, and want them to work, you have to do just as good a job as a priest/ess.  Research and respect the Spirits you’ll be working with, and don’t try to force or tie their hands.

Even if you did everything right…

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, a spell or working will not work because the other person involved actively resists Nature.  Assuming that you or your priest did divination first, got clearance, and gave offerings, there is no ceremonial reason it didn’t work.  Something else is going on.

In the case of many love workings, there can be counter magic from others who also want the same person, or that person has the wrong kind of protections, or they are willing to suffer to get what they think they want instead of what they need.  There could be any number of causes of resistance.

With young, sought-after people, the reason is usually counter-magic.  You are not the only one who has done a working or directed extreme will towards getting with them.  In this case, there is a kind of vortex of chaos around them, or whoever has the strongest innate spiritual authority/power will win.  It will be sort of metaphysically “Darwinian”.

So if there is resistance, your priest needs to know so that they can put more energy into it or find a creative angle.  Don’t just let it go and assume it was a wasted effort.  In some cases, if you didn’t do it yourself, you will have to start doing some things for yourself so that you are adding your energy to the effort.  If you did do the working yourself, you may need assistance from a priest or a good friend who also legitimately wishes this person would love you.

More hands in the pot may ruin the stew, but more guests in the dining room makes a better party.  So you may need to sponsor or host an ebo.  Remember, you’re dealing with Oshun and related Spirits.  Even if you or your priest lack the innate individual power to break through multiple people’s chaos, Oshun can certainly do this.

To be very blunt, most people are not going to put that kind of effort into getting a specific person, so you may win based on effort.  Another thing to consider is that in an ebo as opposed to solitary workings, there are more perspectives to draw from.  Someone may get a message that might have been missed by you or your priest as an individual.  No matter how strong a person is, they are just one person.

If there is no counter magic, and the person is resisting, the reason is quite often social or financial.  In the case of many women, it is both.  Young, beautiful women nowadays think they have more time than they actually do, to “field their options”.  Even if their heart pulls them to someone, they may resist because they are holding out for someone “better”.  This could mean someone more socially convenient or who has more money or “game”.

Unrealistic options cross the television screens and pages of romance novels and convince girls they can have it all and well into their thirties.  Even very strong magic can’t make someone smarter if they insist on believing the popular lies.  At the point that you know you’re dealing with a girl in aggressive denial of reality, you do have the option of controlling spells, but I don’t recommend this course.

If it takes all that, your best bet is to learn game if you don’t have it already, and get over your “one-itis”.  Obsidian has a great site on it that is, unlike most, geared towards men of color.  Learning game is very important in the African diaspora where the surrounding culture seeks to feminize men to make them socially acceptable.

The problem is that the Orishas are not buying the new, kinder, gentler Black or Hispanic man.  They are forces of Nature and to flow with them, you must behave like a Natural Man (or Woman if your object of affection is male or lesbian).  You are blocking the Orishas’ efforts if you are not behaving like you have some balls if you’re a man, or like you have some compassion and tact if you are a woman.

So here, we get back to another reason some spells don’t work: the person who requested or did them busily undoes the work of the Orishas.  If you spend your time or money doing a work, don’t mess it up by closing doors that the Orishas open.  If you’re a man who did or requested a love spell, don’t behave like a monk who just wants to be their friend.  If you’re a woman, don’t be overly proud, sarcastic, or cruel.

The closer you are to Nature, the closer Nature is to you and the more she can do for you.