African and diaspora spirituality.
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Welcome To The Orisha Online Altar

Here you can learn about West African and diaspora Vodun and other related systems of belief and practice. Vodun is one of the first, if not the first of the world's spiritual belief systems. It has an unbroken line of priesthood in many areas of West Africa dating back to over 10,000 years.

Orisha Online Altar is sponsored by Sheloya Mystical, makers of mystical and gothic jewelry and talismans.  We are Vodun practitioners based in northern Israel.

Ebbo at the Kineret in 2013We are Ile Baalat Tevah, and practice our own unique type of Vodun that incorporates Canaanite, Kemetic, Greek, and other local systems, while respecting individuals’ Ancestors.  We defer only to the African priesthoods.  There are many flavors of Vodun in Africa and the diaspora.

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What is Voodoo?

A basic overview of Vodun and various related diaspora belief systems.

List of Orishas, Lwa, and Other African Deities

An alphabetical list of Orishas, Lwa, and other deities and spirits from Africa and the diaspora.

Orisha Pages

Our pages with descriptions of the Orishas, information for worship and observance, and recipes for oils, incense, and offerings.

Orisha Online Altar's Blog

An interactive version of the site that contains most of the articles here as well as news and announcements, where you can comment, ask questions, or add information.

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