Special Offers for the Festival of Eshu Summer 2011

Eshu MacutoFrom the evening of the 27th of June until the evening of July 4th 2011, we have special package deals for the Summer Festival of Eshu.  These deals will not be available again until the week of September 29th, 2011.

The Basic Package includes:

  • a full service bone and/or card reading
  • food and incense offerings to Eshu on your/your family’s behalf during the festival
  • incense offerings to Eshu on your/your family’s behalf every Monday for one year
  • a hand sewn and consecreated macuto style Eshu protection amulet with herb bed and box
  • a special Eshu eleke (necklace) made with two-tone red and black beads (fused glass, not painted over)
  • photos of the event during moments when it is permissible

Basically, you get a kind of starter amulet package plus our basic services for a year.  The macuto in its box and the eleke will be sent by EMS express mail.  Later items will be sent by registered mail unless they are sensitive and better sent by EMS.

Product name:  Basic Eshu Summer Festival Package
Price: $300

For those who can do more and have a lot ask or to thank Eshu for, we have a deluxe package that includes all of the above plus:

  • food and incense offerings for Eshu on your/your family’s behalf  on the first Monday of every month for three months, and during the Fall Eshu Festival
  • a full service reading on the first Monday of every month for one year
  • a special individual protection ceremony done on your/your family’s behalf

Product name: Deluxe Eshu Summer Festival Package
Price $1800

We will be making all sorts of things from the inspiration of Eshu this week, so you will also get other items that aren’t listed here regardless of which package you choose.  Join in our celebration of the Gatekeeper!

Eshu 2011 eleke

Short on spending money this year?  Remember, we’re a community, not just a store.  Check our festival schedule, and send us your requests to bring up during our community offerings and ceremonies.  It is especially important that if you have friends or relatives in combat or sensitive positions, you let us know by Friday night’s Warrior ceremony.

Link to this page at: https://soulmindbody.net/store/Xa2b3

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