Love and Reconciliation Spells and Workings

Custom love and reconciliation spells and workings are highly individual, so I can’t give a set price for them until we do a love reading.  You can get an instant free love reading by using our engine here. It is very accurate because we give offerings to keep it blessed. If you prefer a reading done by hand, you can have that too.  These are very inexpensive because it is much simpler and faster than a full bone or tarot reading.  You may pay in the shopping cart here:

Love Divination: $5 (U.S.)

Offerings to Yemaya

Sheloya giving offerings to Yemaya

Or use my Paypal link at

Then, you should contact me using the form on this page or on Facebook or email.  I will need your and your loved one’s:

  • full names
  • dates of birth
  • anniversary of marriage or first intimate relations
  • and you should tell me if you have any biological children together, or if you acquired any pets or livestock together

I will do an initial coin reading to determine whether the three main Orishas in charge of romantic relationships approve of the relationship continuing.  This will tell us whether or not we should even start to think of applying spells or offerings to the situation.

To avoid confusion, if your Paypal name/alias is different than your full name, or the email address you are using is different, please make a note of this in the message area of the form.  For confidentiality reasons, it is important that I know who is who.

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Who are the main three Orishas in charge of relationships, and why?

The three Orishas in charge of romantic relationships are Eshu, the Ancestors/Egungun, and Oshun.

2012-11-19eshugoldstarEshu – the Gate Keeper opens and closes the way to *everything*.  He decides if something will go forward or not.  He is also an initiator, so sometimes he will approve of a relationship because it is to give you something you need, or teach you something you will need for your future.  If he disapproves, that means the way is closed for some reason, and this may or may not be permanent, depending on the position of the Ancestors.

EgungunThe Ancestors/Egungun – they live in our very DNA, and are reborn through us.  So they determine whether or not we will have intimate relations and/or children with someone.  If they approve, that means that someone is a good match in the way that they would be happy to be reborn through you and that person.  If they disapprove, then that means that you are not a good match for making children, or that they do not approve of you making more children with them.

OshunOshun – she is the Orisha of romantic love, joy, and prosperity.  She makes the “butterflies” in your stomach, and the bonding sentiments that come with love.  If she approves, then there are at least nice feelings there.  If she disapproves then there will be no joy in that relationship.  If she approves and the others don’t then she may be warning that the relationship is actually more shallow than you think it is, and based mostly on illusions…or perhaps deception.

The initial reading will tell us what, if anything, I can do to help you to get your relationship started, or repair it if it has broken.

If both Eshu and the Ancestors disapprove, then it is best that you move on.  The only good reason to pursue a love spell in that case would be for revenge or closure.  If they all approve, or at least the Ancestors do, then you have options.

The Options

There are inexpensive standard spells that work for most situations.  These are done in the course of our daily observances on auspicious days of the week.  For love, this is Saturday.  We do the spell and appropriate meditation and chants, and give offerings to Oshun, usually of sweets, gold, and other things she likes.  This is enough to fix most situations, or at least push them in the right direction.  Some people also do this for monthly or yearly offerings of thanks or maintenance for a love spell that worked for them. Because spiritually correct is not the same as politically correct, there are different rules for relationships in which there are or aren’t children (by birth or adoption or blended families). If you are in a relationship with no children, or the children have not identified your partner as a parent, the standard spell option or donating to ebbos are the best. This is because the standard spells and ebbo contributions are less exacting, and there is still an opening for the Orishas to bring you a new partner if the current one is simply not good relationship material, or they are too stubborn and resistant for any spell to work that does not inhibit their free will.

Custom workings are for when a greater impact is needed to correct a situation.  If you opt for a custom love work, the cost generally runs about $1500 to $2000 to do it correctly outside of festival times.  During the festivals (the months of March and August), a full working can be done for $250 because they are done as a group instead of individually.

Love spells and workings are only part of the solution to a problem though.  Usually there is a behavioral or situational blockage that needs to be corrected.  Read this article for women and feminine people, or this article for male or masculine people, to see if there is something you can do to ensure that the way is clear.

If you really need a custom working, and got approval from at least Eshu and the Ancestors, and there is not an emergency situation like another woman/man or a court date, I recommend doing it during the festivals.  I announce at and on Facebook when community ebbos are coming, so you can know the exact dates.

For custom love workings, you will need to send me a small personal effect from yourself and your loved one.  It doesn’t need to be something big.  A small sample will do, like some of their hair or a napkin they used.  It can even be the butt of a cigarette they smoked or a cutting from where their lips touched their coffee cup or something.  Just make sure that it is fully dry, placed in an airtight bag, and labeled so that I know whose it is.  I recommend these be placed in a notecard or greeting card so they don’t get too mangled in the shipping.

A custom love working comes with supplies.  You will get at least:

  • customized Oshun oil
  • the talisman/generator in a special bag or box

If needed, you may also get:

  • a special lipgloss so that your loved one (or others you speak to with it on) will want to do as you say
  • a grid or spikes to prevent straying or block others’ witchcraft
  • a necklace or bracelet for attraction
  • or whatever other supplies the divination and situation calls for

Workings are very efficient, but not always the answer.  If a full working is not within your budget, you can always get added to my altar, or give offerings to the Orishas that you can afford.





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  1. Please help me bring my ex fiancee back. What spells do I order he tells me he still loves me but needs time to heal himself from with and find happiness. I love cherish and adore the love we shared and will do anything to getbit back

  2. do you cast spell to remove a enemy off my job for good

    • Yes, we can, but unless they have done something terrible, first you should try a fix rather than a banishing. If it would be enough to give them an attitude adjustment, or keep them away from you, then there are ways to accomplish that. If those don’t work or won’t completely solve the problem, then you go for the banishment. Send me an email with more details about the problem.

  3. i am in love with women.may i know how to proceed my payment to attract love her

  4. I need to get back with my boyfriend who has ran away from me. I still love him and need him back. Please help me

  5. I need my ex girlfriend back…she told me she love me a lot, but it seems like she cant let go of the guy she is with now.. please let me know if you have the break up spell

    • Thank you for your question. A love or reconciliation working is one thing, but breaking people up is something else. Like whether or not a love spell can be done depends on the approval of Eshu, the Ancestors, and Oshun, so does one to break people up. Even if Eshu or the Ancestors don’t like the new guy, to actually create the barrier and chaos to break them up is a curse and those are expensive and may or may not be worth it. One, if she returns to you, she would be breaking up with the other guy anyway. Two, sometimes in order to push a breakup, the intruder’s mask under which they are covering up their bad traits may be lifted, and sometimes there is some scary or at least very harmful stuff under there. You may be a party to the person you love being harmed by the intruder, so it will be your responsibility to pick up the pieces. A curse isn’t a one-and-done action. We still bear the consequences of everything we do and everything we unleash or set into motion in the Universe. Granted, we are very small in the grand scheme of things, but still…it’s something to think about.

  6. I am in great problem and I want my boyfrnd to marry me immediately ..!! I dunno what to do also ..he doesn’t want to marry me and he doesn’t answer anything when I talk abt marriage to him ..!! I want him to marry me immediately by telling to his parents :.!! Pls make him marry me immediately ::!! Am in great problem .. I want to text you personally . Send your personal mail id .! Pls

  7. hello , i had breakup with my girl since one month , i want her back in life ,is there anything you can do ?.

    regards-: J.

    • If it’s sucking overall, then this is a clear sign that you need more Oshun in your life. If you do things to welcome her energy into your life, it solves a lot of problems from self confidence issues to people taking advantage of you. Start with treating yourself like a temple for her, and taking good care of yourself. Forget other people’s judgements. Your beauty should be between you and her, and you should love yourself. You have a hard time taking care of something you hate, so don’t ever hate on yourself. I know it sounds like a cliche, but this is one of the ones that became a common saying because it is truth.

  8. Hi sheloya,

    me and my husband are on the hard times of my marriage right now. He told me he still inlove with me like before. I don’t know what to do because we are far away from each other right now and I am afraid that our marriage will compromise. There is one girl who likes him a lot working in the same place of his job. He said he still love me but sometimes he likes that girls because she was too nice to him. We are still communicating but i don’t know somethings bothering me not unless he gets far away on that girl and his friend who i think pushing him to that girl. Please help me i want assurance that he really still inlove with me only.

  9. Can you please offer protection to my family and I against any black power or black magic and any future dangerous spirits

    • Hello J. 🙂
      Protection is a very complicated issue, and something that I or any sorcerer cannot do by myself. As a spiritual person in your family, protection is mostly your job. I can craft and provide tools and send energy and put you on my altar, and even do offerings on your behalf to ensure they are done correctly, but you have to actually apply the tools and perform maintenance.

      I am making protection kits for others as we speak, now that Mercury retrograde is over and I finally have a little time in the workshop. I can make one for you too. So that others can see what this involves, I will post about it here.

      Basic Home Protection Kit

      + protection salts: You sprinkle these in the doorways and under the windows of your home. If someone has actually been sending conscious witchcraft or strong ill will against you, then also make a light sprinkling around the entire perimeter of your yard or apartment. It looks like normal dirt, though it smells different, so nobody would notice it on sight.

      + doorway warrior: This is basically a stealthy Eshu who looks like a decorative wall hanging or painting. You hang this on the indoor left of your front doorway, or if you can’t do that, then hang it in your room or by the kitchen window if you are a home maker.

      + protection oil: This is an oil you can smear on your doorways, windows, and wood items near entrances. You can also put it at three points on yourself and family members, the top of their head, the front solar plexus, and directly on the other side on their back.

      + protection seal: This is an islands Obeah seal of protection on holy paper.

      + protection offerings amulet: This is some cremains of the offerings that were given for your/your family’s protection, encased in clay or whatever suits the discretion or aesthetic necessary. It is the evidence of your offerings, and generates a lot of energy.

      The initial cost is $200 per family, but after that, maintenance offerings should be every three to six months, and whatever you can afford without hardship at the time. If one is spiritually observant and active, they can do these maintenance offerings for themselves.

      I make the kits in batches because it is not economically sound to make smaller kits. So if someone just needs it for themselves, they should instead consider centering for their whole family or group of friends (or sports team, school, whatever).

      In a really really bad situation, sometimes an additional protection grid needs to be installed around the property. Again, I can make the tools for this, but you would need to install it. The cost of the tools depends on what is needed. They are like a modern version of bocchio, and usually people prefer the stealthier spikes over figurines.

      If you have any more questions, please let me know. 🙂

  10. I sent in my request form without seeing the paying part. Can I pay without having to enter in all of the information again? And Can I email you as well? I left out certain dates that you asked for.

  11. Good day i need a spell to meet my soulmate , is it possible ?

    • Thank you for asking. It most certainly is. I haven’t listed this as a “product” yet because well…I’m kind of old fashioned and this was one of those things I took for granted that everybody must know about, and I needed to update my thinking on this. A soulmate blessing and talisman requires a donation of $50. We make the talismans and bless them twice a year during the Oshun festivals, so they’re in limited quantities. This year, I’ll be making 25, but others in the ile may make more. I will make a new post on that when I know what everyone is doing.

  12. Hello I have purchased th love divination from you
    What are the next steps?

  13. I wanna lose weight. I dont have any medical problem, but I havent received much luck by dieting and all. I dont know what to do. My target is to lose 15 kgs in the coming 90 days. can you help me? can you guarantee me the results?

  14. Hi can you perform a breakup with his new wife and a reconciliation for him and I?

  15. I need help on what type of spell to order for a certain person that I would like to fall in love with me. Could you help me?

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