Orisha and Spell Oils

OilsSheloya makes our oils according to a mix of modern and old fashioned techniques with essential oils, infusion oils brewed in her cabinet under direct supervision, herbs and crystals.  We no longer sell oils as stand-alone products, but you may receive them as part of a working or donation thank-you package.  We encourage you to find a local source if you only want the oil by itself.

The infusion oils used in Sheloya’s oils are blessed and brewed for the actual amount of time they should be.

Ceremonial oils are very strong and not recommended for wearing on the body unless you cut them with a carrier oil.  Use them to dress candles, in an oil burner, to anoint sacred items, or as an ingredient in your spells and charms.  You can learn more about using magickal oils in this article at Witch University on the various concoctions used in witchcraft.

Super Oils

Photos of Selections From Sheloya’s Cabinet

Sheloya Oils

Oshun Oil Closeup

Rose Oil Closeup



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