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Oshun ItemsIn some places with hot climates, we have a custom of powdering the mattress of our beds and sometimes under cushions.  This keeps it fresh and clean smelling.  Along the way, some realized that these can be used for more than keeping things fresh.  You sprinkle them on the mattress underneath the sheets, near the foot of the bed, or under cushion covers for a variety of purposes.

These come in 25 grams bags, which is enough for one or two doses for a bed.  Just cut off a corner and sprinkle.

Peaceful Home Powder
Sprinkle this on your mattress and a bit under cushions of the sofa or chairs to bring peace and reduce tension in your home.  It’s also great before parties, meetings, or other gatherings or visits where tensions may run high.  Best used once every two weeks.
Price $10.00

Stay-Put Powder (Male partner)
This powder keeps a male partner from straying.  Sprinkle it on the mattress, but if this is impossible, then put some in your shoes, and make sure that their feet touch yours at some point.  You can also try to put some in their shoes or socks.  If they normally use foot powder, it’ll just blend in.
Price $25.00

Stay-Put Powder (Female partner)
This powder keeps  female partner from straying.  It makes her feel very safe and secure and protected, which is a rare sensation for women these days.  Same application techniques apply, but this works best in your or your shared bed.  Don’t put this on her mattress or in her shoes if she doesn’t live with you.  She should have to come to you or touch you to get it.
Price $25.00

Queen Bee Powder
Technically, one should buy a new mattress when they change boyfriends, but this isn’t always possible.  If you don’t then whatever energy your old boyfriend left there, your new boyfriend may pick up on.  Queen Bee powder makes this not matter at all.  It cleans away the old energy so that the new guy feels like he’s the only man who ever existed to you.  This can also be useful if you run some sort of inn or occasionally allow people to borrow your room or you are moving into a furnished place.
Price $15

Couple Protection Powder
Create a sanctuary from the negativity and stress from outsiders with this protection powder for couples.  Your bed is a sacred place, and this powder helps to confirm that and cleanse away ill will from others while you sleep.  This is especially important for cute and for adventurous couples who are going against the grain.  Interracial and Gay couples may find this very useful.
Price $10

Hot Foot Lite Powder
Do you have guests or family you wish would leave, but you have no polite way to tell them this?  Put this on their mattress when you change their bed.  It works like hot foot powder, but has a more benevolent, happy energy.  It makes them feel ashamed for staying there and causes them to think seriously of other places to be.
Price $25.00

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