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Authentic Kyphi Incense

Authentic Kyphi Incense

Authentic Kyphi Incense

Product: Kyphi 10 Grams
Price: $10

Our ile’s most adept child of Oshun, Arden Keren, has made a batch of authentic Kyphi incense according to the original temple recipe.  It contains natural ingredients from the some of the same regional sources, and it smells absolutely wonderful.  We used some of it at the temple of Hathor in Timna with excellent results.

The Kyphi we burned at the temple of Hathor in Timna.

The Kyphi we burned at the temple of Hathor in Timna.

If you are a practitioner of Egyptian/Kemetic spirituality and/or magick, then once in your life, you must know what the real thing smells like, and the sort of energy it draws.

Real Kyphi incense must be properly aged in phases to have the desired scent and effect.  Certain ingredients within it must ferment and blend with time.  Most of the kyphi that is on the market is synthetic, made using the quick version (which is not the same and doesn’t even burn or smell the same), or contains ingredients to help it ignite or burn, but take away from its character.

Our Kyphi is made the long way.  It should be burned on charcoal or a bukoor burner.  The only downside is that it is in limited quantity.  It is very strong though, so we usually only need to use 2 to 3 grams at a time.  So a 10 grams bag usually lasts about 5 doses for normal observances.  For a holiday or group ceremony though, you’d better get two bags because this will be a hit.

Link to this page at: https://soulmindbody.net/store/rACTk

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