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    Since I am no longer a business but the leader of an ile/spiritual group, I have had to restructure things in my life and websites. So I have moved the focus of my non local community service to ObeahWoman.com. I will keep most pages with important information up until April 2023 so long as they are still being referenced, but you should update your links and bookmarks. Thank you!

Free Spirit Reading

A message from the Spirits to you…

Eshu Guards Your Home

Eshu stands at the door of your home, and protects those inside.  His message to you is that he is in a protective posture because Osun has warned him of some threat to your family or property.  Be on your guard too.

Click here to order a full reading! 🙂

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How to Use the Spirit Message

Each of these messages has been written under inspiration of the Orishas, Alusi, Animal Spirits, and others, and appears at “random” to answer your question or give you some encouragement.

The first one that you see or notice when you come to the site is the one you should take seriously.  After that, the messages are usually truly random.  You may notice that you might keep getting the same message, or related messages.  In such a case, the Spirits are reinforcing the message, and it may be a crucial matter.

If you would like to know more about your message, order a full reading.

Oshun ConsecrationIn the case that you have been instructed to give offerings to a Spirit, if you have never done this before, do not attempt to do this on your own without consulting someone with experience.  You may order a reading from me, or from someone else that you trust.  Local botanicas often have the proper supplies, and I also sell a few things here.  Offerings should be taken very seriously, and you want to make sure to do this correctly.

If you would like offerings given on your behalf, please contact meThe Spirits accept only what you can afford, and respecting the situation, and I take photos to verify that the offering was done.  You can view some photos of past offerings and workings at ObeahWoman.com.

Blessings to you, and enjoy the free feature!  🙂



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  3. Anthony Josep(Jeramious Dcruz)

    Dear sir,
    This is my last try with you to get a better life.I am born in India and living in Canada.My name was J. Dcruz all this years i was looking for good life witch i did not got one so i change my to A .josep.What is wrong with my life?I will never have a good life?Now i dont have a job no money and nothing to eat.My birth date is 24-12-1960.Can you help me to get better life?What i have to do for that?
    Thank you Anthony.

  4. i have heard a lot of good things about you from the net, i have being desperate for a while now, my boyfriend for many years decided to end our long relationship because his family does like were i worship,lately his being mean to me, and ignores me, i hardly sleep and cry all the time, i love him and am in a mess right now, please i need your help

  5. Dear mam,
    I feel empty alway. I feel I forgot how to value myself.my overweight issues seems to pull me back.i think no one loves me.is there a way I can bring love into my life. I want to know if I can meet my soulmate so that I can get rid of my lonelyness.

    • What you need is more Oshun energy in your life. Oshun is the Orisha of beauty, love, joy, and romantic love. If you bring her into your everyday life, her blessings will come with that.

      Part of glorifying her is taking good care of yourself and optimizing the beauty she gave you. Everyone has at least a little, and we should all be grateful for it, and take care of it for her and for ourselves. Self confidence is very nice to have, but this should not be the only basis on which our practical self care should rest. We should also view every breath we take as a blessing from God, and every bit of soft skin, every hair on our head, every good tooth, and every sway when we dance as a blessing from His daughter Oshun.

      So get to work appreciating your gifts and you won’t have time to worry about what other humans think of you, and their fickle trends.

  6. I have use other spell caster none of the has not work i requested i need money i have back taxs from summer i need to pay off i want win money get my own house build and 2016 suv i want and also getting my own business started i struggling very bad my father and mother pass away i have alot on me i getting tired working job pay day to pay day no money left can u help me to see if my wishes dream i being praying for going to happen

    • If you tried various spell casters, and even only one of them did the proper prayers and offerings, something should have moved. If it didn’t then it may be that you have a personal blockage or the Orishas demand more actual attention from you personally. Sometimes with things that have to do with fate and luck, Eshu is a little pushy about you doing a part of the work. Try my fast money paper charm. You can download it here: http://wp.me/p57lEA-37
      Follow those instructions and it should help get things moving. Also remember that Oshun and Aje Shaluga are in charge of material wealth, so you may have to do even more things for them to get that energy flowing. There are lots of things you can do for them discretely, like tipping your beautician a little extra, and making your world more beautiful. Try different things. Remember, the Orishas are forces of Nature, so you have to welcome them into a situation for them to flow freely in it.

    • How to become you know a …. Whitch it’s weris I’m 11 but it feels like I know things I’m a cancer so I’m a moon child for some reason I’m more alive at night and if I had Powers I would be water hlep me I’m tired of being bullied for saying and talking about whitch who I love buy should I grow up

  7. Hi I am Anitha. I have a relationship problem. Will you be able to help?

  8. i need help to bring my x bf lover to me to get married

  9. Hy. I need help to bring my ex boyfriend who is a love of my life. Will you be able to help me 🙂

  10. hello,
    my bf broke up with me about 5 weeks ago. we work in the same place but he has not talked to me at all. i want him back. i love him alot. can you please help me. i have heard great things about you. i have also tried other casters and spells and nothing has worked so far. i just keep getting ripped off. please help

    • Hello, A 🙂 Thank you for posting your comment. According to my initial coin divination, all three Orishas in charge of romantic relationships, Eshu, the Ancestors, and Oshun are aligned in your case. This means that the way is open, the metagenetics are good, and that romance is still alive in it. If there is a problem, it is something that either you or he caused, not that there is no love there. So the other spell casters are not ripping you off. It’s that they are throwing wood on an already well burning fire, and that the solution is not a spell, but you and him talking. Because most sorcerers today simply don’t understand the interaction of the forces around romantic love, because for millenia, most marriages were at least partially arranged, they can’t be blamed for this. What goes on today is very new and not completely understood.
      Basically, the way you and he waged your relationship was somehow wrong. Maybe you and he didn’t flow within your optimal gender roles. This is a common problem today. Men and women (or masculine and feminine partners) don’t know what they should be doing, and it creates a chasm between two people that should not exist if you were balanced. So try something…inasmuch as it would not damage your career or integrity, try to behave and look more feminine, and ask him for help with something. Try never telling him the words “I don’t need…” Tell him more often, “I need you,” and, “I need you to…” See how this works. Blessings and Ase!

      • omg i cant believe you replied. i had lost hope. thank you so much for replying. i came back to the website because he started seeing someone else and as i had mentioned in the 1st message, i really wish/want him to come back. i want him in my life in my future as my partner. is there a way of booking a consultation with you or an email address or even phone where i can contact you.

        • I have answered your inquiry in email. If you need more help, please let me know.

          Blessings and Ase!

          • Im lost and confused about myself! I just need guidance please help me tell me what i need to do!!!

          • Hi I am beginning my journey into understanding the Orishas and life in general. I’ve been told to have a shell or ifa reading to help find my path. Is this something you can help me with or something that needs to be done in person?

          • Please contact me. I need guidance

  11. I’m a spoiled girl that libed all her life depending on her parents now our life’s turned around and I’ve always dreamt of being an actress and a successful person to be able to see people happy and help others but now I’ve lost my way my signature words were “beauty love passion” the problem is I don’t see life that way anymore and I need to know how to be able to help my parents financially and help myself for a better life and others because money seems to be what’s powerful on this earth not love no more beauty and no more passion all I see is fake hate jealousy and blood spilling how can I get through this ? I dontdon’t like who I’ve become . Help

    • You are not spoiled if you can recognize that there is something wrong or missing. You may have been given much of some material things, but so was one of the Buddhas in his childhood…The past influences us, but does not fully define us.

      From what you’re saying, it sounds very much like a child of Oshun who is awakening. I don’t know if she is actually your head, but she has been a strong influence on your life. When someone is her child or they have her hand on them, it opens their eyes that they don’t see things involving love or prosperity with the same naivete or sense of wonder that others do. You know too well the guts and mechanics of these things, and this can make you a bit cynical.

      Rather than running from this awareness, you should embrace it. Let the truth of things hit you full force until you come to a place of acceptance, and determine how you can help others with this knowledge. You must understand that Oshun is about benevolence and fostering love and prosperity. You will feel much better about yourself and your world if you find a way to make it a more beautiful, joyful, and prosperous place. Don’t start with big things though. This can be overwhelming and neutralizing. Start with where you live.

      Is there something you can do for your immediate area? A friend who needs a makeover? A local beautician or barber or clothes seller who needs help with their business? A vacant lot that can be made into a garden to feed the poor and enhance people’s health? There are many things you can do to bring more positive reality into the world. This will make awareness of the negative realities much easier to cope with.

      Blessings to you and your endeavors. Ase!

  12. Hey! Thank you so much for this site, I just found it yesterday and very happy to see actual Black ppl practicing in the open (on the net, as most that I see are white online, I live in an area where I highly doubt I would find anybody practicing let alone anyone Black, so I’m a loner I guess, a very very very beginning loner). Anyhoo, I need help recognizing spiritual gifts. I feel like a blonde in this capacity because I feel like I should know or that I kinda know but I feel like it evades me. This probably makes no sense but I guess I’m trying to say that I feel like I’m preparing for something (and have been) but I’m just not sure for what, hence the blondness. I just feel like I’m supposed to be helping people but I don’t know how…..make sense? Lol. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Have ha good weekend!

    • Recognizing spiritual gifts is easy when you start with an “attitude of gratitude”. I know it sounds cliche, but it is true. Another thing that really helps is a good relationship with Eshu, or the Gate Keeper by another name. Eshu is the translator between the spirit and physical realms, and if you stay close to him, he will show you things that you might otherwise miss. Just be aware that when you invite his influence in your life, things may move very quickly, and his teaching hand is a bit more firm than some are comfortable with. If you stick with him though, like I said, many things will be much clearer to you than before. If you have any questions on this, please feel free to contact me using the form or by email to kthulah@yahoo.com 🙂

      Blessings and Ase!

  13. My boyfriend and I are no longer together. He doesn’t trust me anymore but I didn’t do anything to deserve that. What should I do?

    • First of all, you should get a love reading to see whether you and he were a match in the first place. Often, strange unjustified breakups happen simply because the Ancestors do not want two people together. It’s not anybody’s fault, just a mismatch. You need to know whether this is the problem, or if something else is going on. After the love reading, you’ll know whether it is worth to look deeper into what went wrong.

      Blessings and Ase!

  14. hallo Mme, I really need your help; My boyfriend Broke up with me because Of my fault , We exchanged our emails and he saw the messages I exchanged with A man While we were together and He broke up with me, But I really really love him soo Much, unfortunately He lives So far He blocked me on His phone I can’t call him, He got really disappointed and now I found him On Viber and sent him almost 1000 messages but he doesn’t respond to me no matter how much I cry and Begg him to forgive me, Please I really need your help, I want him to forgive me and Marry me! I need him In my life, I’m feeling extremely Empty without him 🙁
    please Help me Cause I really do love him and I’m desperate that He may be Looking for someone else by now or Doing something crazy cause He also loved Me From what I’ve Seen

    • Whoa…1000 messages? I will be honest. This is not healthy at all. My intuition tells me that maybe it wasn’t entirely your fault. I’ll ask a few questions that will let me know (yes, sometimes the reader asks the questions :-p).

      1. Did your relationship start as a “whirlwind romance” that seemed to be moving too fast?

      2. Did he claim to be an extremely moral person with high standards who not many people have a chance with?

      3. Were you allowed to have any needs in the relationship? What happened if something you needed or wanted conflicted with something he needed or wanted?

      4. Did he ever complain to you about the sex? Did you have arguments about sex?

      5. Are you sure the thing you supposedly did wrong was actually wrong? Did you kill someone he loved or something? Was anything important actually damaged? Or was it that you disobeyed an order or do something that he claims shows a sort of moral failure?

      6. Did you meet his family? Do people in his family seem to trust him? Do they speak to him in a way that seems they are avoiding triggering him, or like they were trained by a therapist on how to deal with him?

      7. Leaving political correctness aside, did he ever react to things the way you would expect a woman to? Like blowing things out of proportion? Threatening to sue over petty things, or accusing women of sexual harassment, etc?

      You can answer here or in email. I will say that after the multiple messages, he now has justification to try to call you crazy…but what you’re going through sounds a lot like many not-crazy people I’ve seen who got into relationships with people who basically tried to drive them crazy. The fact that he blocked you rather than deal with the fallout like a man is a clue that you were not dating a man who is a man or has any clue of what being a man is. Something is broken about him, and you are better off without him. So at this point, I am about helping you heal.

      Blessings and Ase!

  15. Blessings
    First off I hope all went well with you as as you stated a medical issue below.
    My life has not been easy am still trying to stand even with a limp ?
    I’ve dreamt of Oshun and would like to get closer to her as I feel as if she reaches out to help me better my situation in life as I often smile to hide the hurt and pain in my life…
    I find your energy to be calming.
    I’m planning to schedule a reading with you as soon as $ becomes a bit more stable.
    Any insights you can give me as to making a step towars Oshun would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks …..

  16. hi blessing. you gave me joy reading this

  17. my bf broke up with me about a month ago. We were going to get married but his family disagreed at the last moment. Which caused sooo much issues btw us, we still tried to make it work and it did we were happy. But I wanted commitment and he wanted the family to agreed. This lead to a huge fight. He has blocked all contacts with me but i want him back. i love him alot. can you please help me. i have heard great things about you. i have also tried other casters and spells and nothing has worked so far. i just keep getting ripped off. please help. I know he still loves me a lot and I do too and we are meant to be together pls help I beg u

  18. I need my man to forgive me (for lying about my past) and find it in him to love and trust me again. I have always been faithful to him and didn’t intend to hurt him ever. Please help me

  19. Me and my girlfriend broke up about 2 months ago she’s dating a new guy and I want her back I’m so in love with her. Can you please help

  20. How do i get this free reading?

  21. Me and my ex fiancee/baby daddy didn’t have a formal closure. We’ve been together for 3 years and we’re suppossed to get narried next year. However, we’ve been fighting a lot this passed few months . He became so cold. He has changed a lot. I tried so hard to fix our relationship but I failed. He’s working abroad. It was too difficult for me to fix everything. Until he told me he could no longer marry me and he no longer loves me. I really can’t believe it until now coz he used to be very loving. I asked him if is he inlove with somebody else but he said no. Although, he refused to marry me, I can feel his love, he’s giving me mixed signals. But last month, I found out he has a new gf, a relationship which he did hide from me. After that, he stopped communicating to me. It’s been a month of no contact. I’m wondering why he did stop talking to me, why is he not asking about our baby? Did he really chose her over us? Does he love her? Is it true that he no longer loves me? I’m sorry.. but i have so many questions in my mind now. I want to give my baby a complete family. Is it possible for me to win him back even if he’s miles away from me?

  22. Hello,

    I have been on and off with someone I am in love with over the past three years. He has had a girlfriend since we have been ‘on and off’ over the past years that he has broken hearted about. He had returned back into my life as a friend, because he said out of all the woman he has ever met in his life, he feels the most connected to with, looks forward to seeing daily and enjoys my company the most. He started to be more romantic towards me and affectionate; cuddling with me in bed, holding my hand in public, presents and taking me out everywhere he goes. We have a huge history of ups and downs and when I asked if I his girlfriend he said I am his partner, but not girlfriend because he doesn’t have those feelings for me. Meaning he loves me but not in love with me. He has seen a therapist about me, which is what he told me. Basically he was my best friend and we were intimate sexually too. In the past, he was able to orgasm easily but the irony now that he is more affectionate, treats me like a girlfriend etc etc etc- he has not been able to find pleasure having sex with me. He said there is a disconnect. He said our attachment towards each other (because we spent all our free time together and were affectionate and having sex, etc etc.) was preventing us from finding true love. So he blocked contact from me. He said he has hesitation with that because he enjoyed my company so much. Interesting thing, the last girlfriend he was ‘in love’ with – he cheated on her and same with her cheating on him and she lived in another country! He said he didn’t relate to her but she was the best sex!

    I am heartbroken. Because this man was my best friend- we did everything together. Even on point he wanted to take me on a proper date to tell me how valuable I am, how much I mean to him. When I asked how he felt about me, he did say more than friends and now he takes it back. He says it mainly the disconnect with sex- which was not an issue in the past.

    What happened for him and I to suddenly have a disconnect in sex?

    Will he return to me romantically? What do I need to do so he does?

    Right now I was told I was a ‘good riddance’ according to one friend – will he miss me?

    What do I need to do so this man will finally open his romantic heart to me? Will he ever?

    • Thank you for posting about this. The sad truth of the matter is that you were with a narcissist who used you and then threw you away. He is a sick person who put you through the classic program:

      + idealizing you and your relationship “We don’t need labels/best friend and lover” whatever, to keep you tied to him without him being tied to you
      + once he felt he had you, the challenge was over, and you became “boring”
      + blames you for him not finding what he really wants (when the truth is that NOBODY will ever be enough to fill his bottomless emptiness where a real personality should be)
      + cuts off all contact with you because he doesn’t see you as a human being worth talking to

      By now, he has found a new victim. He probably had one waiting before his separation from you. You should cut your losses, do whatever you need to do to heal, and thank Oshun for turning it off before you had children with that maniac…because if he kept you he would eventually hurt you through your children, and probably do horrible unspeakable things to them.

      He never loved you.
      He does not miss you.

      The best thing to do in this kind of situation is maybe give an offering to Eshu for justice. You would be advised never to speak to him again, even if he contacts you, and even if he begs. Narcissists often revisit old lovers just to mess with their heads. Do not believe anything he tells you or, for that matter, ever told you. You will find out that he has lied to you about many things.

      Blessings and Ase!

      ~ Sheloya

      • thank u for this breakdown for a narcissist. I dealt with this type of person and they destroyed me mentally and emotionally. yes they are very sick people who literally suck the life out of you. thank u for this confirmation.

  23. Will I meet someone named James and when? I had a dream about meeting this person. He had dark hair and wore glasses and had a red vehicle in my dream. I have never met this person. I did see in a dream of the appreciation of October and the number 7. Could it be that I meet James on October 7? If so, will I meet him in 2016? My date of birth is 7/28/1991. Thanks.

  24. what is the purpose of a cleanse

  25. And whats a good starting point to work on spiritual gifts….so i can communicate with my guides


  26. Hello!
    First would like to say i love your work and read so much on your websites i am just now path dealing with the orishas. I have a fee questions .
    1. When you typed the daily observances article and said you cant go directly to Ogun while menstruating can I go and give the rest daily offerings or give him his. Too or not go near him at all?
    2. Should I give reverence to All of the orishas or only the one i want?
    3. I can’t seem to find a priest or priestess to study under… My instinct is to ask eshu is this right?

    • Your welcome 🙂 I am happy to do what I can to help people to learn.

      About Ogun and menstruation, you should not approach him at all during that time. Wait to do any observances or offerings to him until after you have finished completely. You should also not approach him if you have any open wound that has not yet scabbed over. You should not be bleeding anywhere that the blood may be out in the air. Even if you have gingivitis or something, wash your mouth with salt water so that your gums would not be actively bleeding during the contact with Ogun.

      If you become observant, you should do something for all of the Orishas that you know about. To be efficient, if you are short on time, space, or privacy, you can do offerings to all of the Orishas through Eshu, but you should have some way of giving all of them at least a little specific attention. Remember, there are many ways to do that, not just incense on the fire or food offerings.

      If you can’t find a local teacher, ask Eshu to help you gain the knowledge that you need. He will.

      Blessings and Ase!

  27. Hi sheloya I really need your help right now I am not able to work since before my baby was born, I need help in money and love, I broke up with my childs father because of his infidelities and not being supportive can you please help me thank you

  28. I really need my ex back its been 5 years I haven’t seen
    Iv been depressed and have anxiety
    Sometimes I feel he loves me
    Is it just me or does he really
    I need your help

  29. Hi Sheloya,

    I am trying to find my way as i nust experience a total upset of my life but really not shook.

    Please advise

  30. I was born [redacted]. I’m curious about my father’s side of the family the reason is my mother asked my father’s mother about gypsy blood on her side of the family,she said no there is not but i have a feeling there is. I also like to know Am I the only witch in my family tree,is there more than one witch on both sides of the tree?

  31. I need to get my own place and help my son that needs me right now give me the energy to do this and help me get my life in order.

  32. Hi,Sheloya
    is my family cursed? there so many premature deaths over the years.
    we are 9 siblings 8 girls and 1 boy from the same parents who are also late. 5 of my sisters have all passed on in different circumstances. and the remaining siblings and there family’s leave from hand to mouth situations.
    what can i do for my family to enjoy life and peace.
    thank you.


  33. I wanna know about my ex boyfriend and his thoughts for me

  34. Hi beloved Sheliya!
    I am James from Nigeria.
    I thank you for all your help to people here, I must say I really appreciate it.
    I am having serious problems.
    for some years now i have tried everything I can to make money for my family of two lovely boys but nothing is working out. As i am writing this right now i don’t even have a food to eat with my family. Thing are difficult for me and its causing problems between me and my wife.
    please i need your help. I want to know what is wrong with me that my finance is like this. Want to know how to get things going.
    if you help me, i promise to make known your deeds and give an offering to the gods and goddesses and also donate to your website.

    thank you very much great lady.
    remain bless.

  35. Can you help me please me and my wife is going true a serious divorce and she no longer wants to be with me can you help me please

  36. I am in nursing school and want to know if i will past it and my cxc january

  37. Hi I have already purchased a few days ago and have not heard anything back. I think I purchased the love reading to see if my husband would return home soon or in my near future. My situation is he has moved out because of past issues of infidelity and having an outside baby. I have kicked him out several times, he constantly lies. He now has his own place and I believe is seeing someone I’m not sure. We hardly speak. He doesn’t return my messages like he used to. Can u tell me if our marriage will mend back together.

  38. Will I Experience Real… I have a crush… Not saying he’s the one…. not saying he’s not the one either but I just want to know about My Relationship Love Life

  39. Hi I’m reaching out about my lover Back in March of this year I found out that he was still married to his sons mom but separated we were together and I felt like problems were enhancing between us because he kept saying he was confused but he would never say why & than I found him at his child’s mom house on my birthday at four in the morning and I broke up with him. In May or June I found out that we were expecting a little boy and this girl told her wife I was expecting and everything we have been having problems every since but he loves me dearly and vice versa but she threatens to take the child away from him and to claim alimony if he divorces her but I know he’s unhappy and so am I. I just want us to go back to how we were when we were happy in a relationship because we honestly never had a bad time together or a horrible argument that we can never come back from until this woman found out I was pregnant. He has distance himself from me and my unborn everything is just bad. I’m fighting for it because I love him and he’s my soulmate and twin flame also my ancestors want us together so that explains my connection and feeling like I can’t leave him alone. I’ve done the ebo that came back in my reading to my head orisha oshun but things only seems to have gotten worse

  40. Hey Sheloya,

    There’s quite a bit a of turbulence within the past year and a half of my life. A young man I was involved with accused me of sleeping with his best friend (never had a sexual relationship). In addition, I fell out with friends after my approach to relationships and physical appearance was criticized (“You need to stop letting women who are more attractive than you around guys you like”, etc). I suspected that one of the friends was engaged with the young man and it sparked an inauthentic conflict. It all caused me to really question things. Please provide insight if possible.

  41. I want to know if I should leave my husband or try to make it work and if I stay will he cheat again. Am I with the wrong person because I’m not happy and will I ever get over the pain he has caused me? Also will my hair grow back?

  42. Hello Sheloya,
    I hope you can help me. I wrote you privately but decided to write on here too in case it may help anyone else enduring this type of problem. Less than a year ago my face skin was damaged by treatments and was left with little holes, dents, cracks, deflated cheeks and burning inflammation. Is there something custom I can do to heal and restore my skin/face back to normal? Thank you so much. Iolanda

  43. Hello queen I am struggling to know my life purpose I have been through spiritual events as well as a death my first born son fought off deadly cancer of 9 yrs and a generational curse where I threw up white yellow and green vomit as well as blood from the family blood line I also have prophetic dreams please help me I will pay for services if need be queen I would appreciate your sacrifice of time to help me figure out my calling my email is shanscip@gmail.com thank you bless you

  44. Hello and thank you. I have reason to believe that three Orisha have presented themselves as guides and protectors. One, I am hoping that you might be able to confirm this for me. If it is, in fact, true, I would like to know how best to pay homage and thanks to them in my daily living.

  45. I have had many health problems since being in the military at 18 now 55 they are clearing up. I was wrongfully terminated from my airline job after having another employee arrested for pushing me in front of a airplane!!! 25yrs and my case is on an appeal its been 5yrs still waiting for justice. Now i got a custody battle for my daughter who has been abused by her mother and grandmother…i need.money to win and move and to secure my families future . i do have some spiritual help just asking for your insight thx!!????????????????

  46. Hello i came across your site while trying to figure put which orisha best fits me, a few of them describe me i was wondering ifbyou could be of assistance? And also how many orishas can you worship at a time ?

  47. Hi! My fiancee and I have been trying to get pregnant and nothing has worked for over 6 months. He really wants a baby and he wants to start a family and the more we talk about it the more I want a baby. I don’t know what else to do! We’re in love and I feel as if we don’t get pregnant soon its gonna cause problems! Help me please.

    • Hello Tori 🙂

      Thank you for writing to me about this. It has come to my attention that some practitioners may use fertility work for nefarious ends. So I have declined to do fertility workings online in most cases. It is best that the mother be present and have some control and the force of her will to counter any magician from just doing whatever they want…and if someone has gone to others and something goes wrong, I do not wish to be anywhere in a circle of blame. Please get added to my altar so that you’ll at least be on my observance list at http://obeahwoman.com

      If you are in or visiting Israel, I would be happy to assist you further. In the meantime, you should read the information I have posted on fertility workings in Zindoki.com at:

      Blessings and Ashe!

      ~ Sheloya

      • Hi i went in a botonica and i wastold i was the child of oshun can you tell me if that is true i have very good insight i read about her and she i have alot of her traits..thank you many blessing


        Hi Sheloya –

        Blessings to you. My father died in Dec 2018. We were really close and his death really affected me even though I knew it was coming due to his age/health. I just want to know if his spirit is at peace… I have dreams about him in different ways. Sometimes I see him like the way he was when he was healthy and other times I dream of him the way he was towards the end. However the only time I experienced something vivid was a month after he died…It was at night around 1 or 2 am, i was half awake, half asleep in bed… I remember calling his name out and all of a sudden I heard his voice, he was telling me that he could hear me, I responded “I can hear you too” “where are you”…I remember I had my eyes closed, still conscious not wanting to open them in case I would lose connection… I heard his voice again, and he just repeated “I can hear you” and then I said “Papi, I don’t know where u are but i’m going to tell you something i never told you in… I love you and that I want you to be strong, not to be afraid and to call God to help you” and his last response was “I love you too”. I opened my eyes and that was it… i’ve NEVER had that experience in my life like that.
        I just want to know about my father’s spirit and is he at peace.


  48. I’m tired of being alone. I’m not close with family and barely have any friends. Going through a divorce. Not sure where I should move to after the divorce. I’m tired of hearing you’re so pretty, well sometimes being pretty can be a curse too. People are intimidated by you. Sometimes a man won’t trust you in a relationship, he would think your cheating. You own biological sister tells you several times,”I’m jealous of you” Her actions really showed it too. So I’m left feeling so empty and stuck at the same time. I have a soon to be ex-husband that is so EVIL which depresses me more. I just pray GOD will bless me before I die with a loving kind respectful MAN. Also, be able to enjoy LIFE!!!

  49. Good morning my name is Yvonne I have a cook shop this minute it up then down is all I have I cannot close it down I put all my money in it today i am sitting here i the rent is due and I owe for some chicken nothing I even went to the lake to drump in but God is there with me I really need some luck in my shop I need some money to buy goods please help

  50. Hello,
    I was originally reaching out to find out what Orisha was my guide. But i have been going through so much lately change lately. I have been down for the last few months because of an ended relationship. I am beginning to feel myself moving into a new space in life and i just need to keep building myself up to get there. What message do you get for me? And what Orisha should i be building a bond with

  51. can u please give me a reading about a love one thats passed away pleses

  52. Hello,
    I am in a complicated situation. A few years ago I met this beautiful women, who has children of her own. We were together for about two years and everything was great we would hang out almost everyday and we would go out on dates at least twice or three times a week since we both had the same schedule.Everything was working out it was great. We never made anything public or put a label on the shipment since her father is strong in his views of homosexuality and she has 4 kids. A few months after my schedule hours were all over the place. I didn’t have set days and I would try and still spend time with her. I got a text from her one night while I was working and things had stopped right there and then. I decided to let her get the space she needed and let it be but my feelings for her have not changed at all. She Recently texted me… On Feb.11,2020 at 8 o’clock at night and I was filled with happiness, joy, but I don’t know what to do. I love her with all my heart, I care about her. I think about her all the time. If she’s okay? Has she completed her goal? What’s going on through her head. I’m afraid of asking too many questions and I’m afraid of asking her out for coffee because we never got to talk in person but when we text there’s no resentment or hurt, I just want to be with her again but this time make it better. Please Help Me.

  53. I just want to learn more about the Orishas and where I belong, and where’s my path in life, love, finances, and happiness.

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