Love Readings

Love ReadingLove readings are a fast and inexpensive way of finding out if someone you love is right for you.  I use the coins and cowries to find out whether or not the main Orishas in charge of romantic relationships are supportive of it, and what the Ancestors in particular have to say about possible problems and solutions.

Because  I am a human being and this is not my “day job”, and sometimes I get sick or life gets in the way, it may take me awhile to do readings.  Sometimes I might get one or two good days out of the month. So if you need something right now, use the free love readings engine. We do offerings to keep it blessed and accurate. Then if you later want a reading by hand, you can tell me what came up in the free reading so I can see if there were any changes and why.

You may order through the shopping cart:

Love Divination: $5 (U.S.)

or simply send $5 (U.S.) to my Paypal link at

Then fill out this form, or send me an email with the relevant information.

Please pay the fee using the shopping cart, and then fill out this form to find out about your relationship. You will receive a response from Sheloya with a photo of your assessment as soon as possible.

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You will be returned to this page after submitting the form. I encourage you to read on so that you will understand the results of your inquiry.

Click here for more information on love workings and divination.

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