Going Through Dark Places, Please Bear With Me

Picture 602Hello and Blessings all! I’m posting this to let everybody know what has been going on. I spoke a little too soon about my health, and hit a couple more bumps in the road. Contrary to some rumors, I am not dying or accursed. It’s mostly problems that I somewhat neglected in the past catching up with me. Okay, maybe it’s a little accursedness in a way because some of it is the result of an epic battle I had last year. Still worth it though. I would do it all again. Some things you just can’t allow on your planet, and if you can fix it, you kinda have to.

Anyway, in the middle of the health issues, Mercury retrograde struck with fury and took a couple of lives a bit close to home.

Then, as if things were not bad enough, a Trump rally that they’re calling the M.O.A.R. or “Mother of All Rallies” is scheduled to take place in the same place on the same day as the Juggalo March. The aim of the Juggalo March is to press the FBI to stop legally classifying us as a gang just because we listen to a certain kind of music. The Trump rally is going to be full of “white” supremacists, neo nazis, and some “J-Crew jihadis” who hide under their skirts.

Since a significant proportion of I.C.P. and Psychopathic Records’ music is pointedly anti racist, to the point of detailing fantasies of ending them in very interesting ways, one would think that putting them in the same area at the same time would incite a civil war, but “white” supremacists have been planning quite publically, to infiltrate the Juggalos. We already have the problem that some people calling themselves Juggalos but obviously aren’t, have been committing crimes in our name to cover their affiliation with “white” supremacist gangs. These people don’t even know what a Juggalo is, and obviously don’t listen to any music remotely in the horrorcore genre, except maybe some crap their uncledaddy drunkenly coughed up in his basement.

Anyway, while swollen, bloated, fighting to get my blood sugar down to a reasonable level, and dealing with grief, I’ve also been fighting the infiltration efforts of “white” supremacists online. They’ve been attempting to blur the lines by suckering some very ignorant people who claim to be Juggalos but again, obviously are not heavy on lyrics to post their political crap in the groups on Facebook and around the internet.

We have their eye on them, but at the moment, we’re not sure what exactly is going to happen at the Juggalo March on the 16th. It’s anybody’s guess.

Many of the Juggalos who still represent the real America that sees character instead of color, have opted to help with rescue efforts in flood and fire stricken areas of the country. I respect them and I respect those who are going to the march in D.C.

Needless to say though this fight has taken me into some dark places, and I can’t unsee what I have seen. I will continue to work as much as I can, but things may be slow until the 17th or so. I apologize. and hope that you will bear with me.

Blessings and Ase!



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