Going Through Dark Places, Please Bear With Me

Hello and Blessings all! 🙂 I’m posting this to let everybody know what has been going on. I spoke a little too soon about my health, and hit a couple more bumps in the road. Contrary to some rumors, I am not dying or accursed. It’s mostly problems that I…

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Love Readings

Love readings are a fast and inexpensive way of finding out if someone you love is right for you.  I use the coins and cowries to find out whether or not the main Orishas in charge of romantic relationships are supportive of it, and what the Ancestors in particular have…

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Inexpensive and Maintenance Spells and Workings

Offering Gold to Oshun

As I’ve said on many occasions, African diaspora systems were not made for the rich.  While some workings do require a large investment, most situations can be solved with some offerings and prayer. So here is our listing of condition workings that most people can afford.  These are done during…

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