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  1. My name is A—-. I am currently 6 months pregnant. Up until a few months ago my child’s father and I were very happy and happily expecting his 1st child. A few months ago we had a huge fight that came from a big misunderstanding (which I now realize with time & deep thought). Now we can’t seem to get along for any length of time no matter how hard I try. And he hasn’t been there for me the way I would like him to be during this pregnancy and in life. I must mention there is another woman who seems to be in the way of any reconciliation progress we’ve made over the last couple months since the breakup. I love him very much and want nothing more than for my family to be restored for the sake of our unborn child and for the child I already have (who is not his) who feels abandoned by him as well, and for my own sake as I truly love him. I was not very well off before he left but have been left in an even worse position by his exit but no matter what has transpired and how hurtful he and the situation have been I am trying to remain hopeful which has been very hard because dealing with this pregnancy alone and all the issues that came along with his exit put me in a somewhat dark place in some ways. I desperately want to go back to enjoying my pregnancy and my life as it was! Please help me!

    Very Respectfully,

  2. Hi…i was asking if you have a return my ex back to me spell; how much it can cost me and if i can get it…am in kenya. Thanx

  3. Do you return ex lovers?

    • Yes I do, but you should start with a reading. Since the cost of the reading is deducted if you go on to choose spellwork or offerings done on your behalf, you lose nothing from taking this carefully. If the Ancestors approve the union, I can do this work. If not, then you have to accept that they are gone or that even if they can be steered to return, it will be temporary or not a complete union. If you get them back, but then meet or get closer to the one(s) the Ancestors preferred for you, then this can be awkward and lead to drama.

      • Hi Sheloya, my name is Kamaria Smith. I have a situation that I am in because I was talking to a guy who I thought was interested in me. We no longer talk to each other and no I do not want him back. The problem is that he borrowed money from me and and refuses to pay me back the money he owes me. He owes me eighty dollars. I want to know if you can do a spell on my behalf because I want my money back and I tried contacting him by phone and he changed his number and I have seen him and confronted him about the money he owes me and he still refuses to pay me back and I don’t know what to do. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day.

      • Sheloya,

        I was hoping I can get a a love reading from you to see if it’s possible to do a love spell. I tried the free one on this website but got different answers. One day the ancestors approved one day that they didn’t. Just looking for some clarity.

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  5. Sorry for cramming up the comment section, but as soon as I sent the message to you, this came up as a message from Oshun

    You will see someone from your past, and they may be interested in returning to you. You may be very tempted, but be aware that usually an old love is still singing the same old song as before. People can change if they learned from the past, but sometimes that lesson was learned from losing you. If you return to them, they may forget what they learned.

    Don’t commit or get deeply involved right away. If they have truly grown and changed, they will have no problem with earning back the broken trust. If they do have a problem with it, they haven’t learned their lesson, and you should let them go.

    Coincidence? 🙂

    [This comment has been edited to protect the identity of the writer. If you have made a comment here, and did not intend it to be public, please contact Sheloya to have it edited or removed. Please include a link to the comment.]

  6. I am asking if you can assist me in getting married to a man I have a child with. We live separately.

    • Following my request, I have instantly got this message from Logun Ede-
      ‘You will receive what you desire nearly effortlessly, or a blessing will come that you didn’t even ask for. Your feet will barely touch the ground, and something good will come to you.

      Just be careful not to take your blessings for granted, simply because they were easy to get. Things you take for granted have a tendency to be taken away. Easy come, easy go…’

      What does it mean and what am I supposed to do?
      Thanks again.

      • @Flor, it means that you should relax and let the Universe handle this. You should of course give offerings to your Ancestors and the deities as usual, but you should not waste a lot of energy on worrying.

        This kind of reading indicates that the expense and emotional stress of specific spellwork is not necessary to get what you need, or that work you’ve already done is still active on your behalf. Just remain observant so that you stay energetically positive. If I were you, I would boost my protections as well…just make sure everything is maintained. 🙂

  7. I submitted my two comments, asking for advice and help. What am I required to do so that I can be helped?
    Thank you very much.

  8. Hi, Please help me with my love life. I just wanted to know if doing spell to get someone to love you is right. If so I would want one immediately. I’m in love and the guy is left country few days before . I want to marry him. And I’m serious about it. Awaiting early reply. And I’ve lost most of my money with fake spell caters.

    • Whether or not it is okay to do a love spell is determined by Oshun and the Ancestors. I mean, one can technically do whatever they like, but divination will show whether or not you are flowing with Nature or pushing against her. If you flow with Nature, there is a higher level of success. One of the reasons for the success of the sorts of workings I do is that I will not do the working unless Oshun and the Ancestors approve. This way, it is certain that there will be some sort of success and something will move, whether or not the ultimate result is getting the person they wanted.

      One can’t really force a person to fall in love with a spell. What one can do is open the way for it and increase the embers of a spark that needs to be nurtured by both people involved to remain stable. Also, a spell doesn’t mean you can sit and wait for everything to fall in your lap. If you ask for Oshun and the Ancestors’ help, you also have to follow their advice and keep any taboos that they reveal in the readings.

      These things don’t work like on television where one snaps their fingers and everything is perfect. If you get a person to love you, they come with their personality, good and bad. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

      As far as fake spell casters, every legitimate conjurer, witch, or priest I know on the internet has photos of themselves doing workings or offerings, or at least at festivals or their temple. Some are more private than others, but most of us are part of some sort of community. If you don’t see someone anywhere except their ads, and they have no photos of themselves doing anything, then chances are that they aren’t real. Be careful out there.

      Those who are real may seem a bit more expensive, but we document our doings and have photos of ourselves at ceremonies and community events.

      In some things, you also have the option of doing it yourself. When you do, you understand why things cost what they cost. The advantage though, is that you can do things on your own schedule. Another option is sort of a mixed one where you can do your own energetic work, and have the rootworker or priest do the offerings for you, or the other way if you are spiritually active and regularly observant. Vodun and diaspora belief systems did not come from rich people, so there is always a way to get the job done.

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  10. Hi Sister, I have just broke up by my girl 2 days ago. It is that she’s pressured with her study load and relationship tied her, that she’s not able to enjoy doing her free things she said. However, we are having a long distance relationship coming to 4 years. There are ups and downs but she taught me to put aside my ego and learn to love well. Just one day she suddenly told me after we were having a fun conversation via texting, she broke up the news that she wanted to stop. Her reason is, if she meet someone near her, as her mind has grown weaker than before, she will afraid that she will have an affair behind my back. Right now, we are still talking except she doesn’t want to commit relationship with me. Can you help me bind her love for me. A deeper bind, her soul and mine together. I want her to only set her heart for me, I’ll be a good lover for her and take responsibility in caring her will my all.

    Hearing from you soon.

  11. Are you still available to do work with trying to get back an ex.

  12. trying to reach you urgently thru your fb page messenger .i need your help urgently. was ripped off many times but you was recommended to me

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