Free Spirit Reading

Sacred Smoke

A message from the Spirits to you… How to Use the Spirit Message Each of these messages has been written under inspiration of the Orishas, Alusi, Animal Spirits, and others, and appears at “random” to answer your question or give you some encouragement. The first one that you see or…

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Authentic Kyphi Incense

Product: Kyphi 10 Grams Price: $10 Our ile’s most adept child of Oshun, Arden Keren, has made a batch of authentic Kyphi incense according to the original temple recipe.  It contains natural ingredients from the some of the same regional sources, and it smells absolutely wonderful.  We used some of…

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Bed Powders

In some places with hot climates, we have a custom of powdering the mattress of our beds and sometimes under cushions.  This keeps it fresh and clean smelling.  Along the way, some realized that these can be used for more than keeping things fresh.  You sprinkle them on the mattress…

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Orisha and Spell Oils

Super Oils

Sheloya makes our oils according to a mix of modern and old fashioned techniques with essential oils, infusion oils brewed in her cabinet under direct supervision, herbs and crystals.  We no longer sell oils as stand-alone products, but you may receive them as part of a working or donation thank-you…

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Offerings and Consecrations for Valentine’s/Oya/Lupercalia Special Photos

The photos of this month’s special’s consecrations at the spring of Oshun in Tiberias have been posted on our facebook page.  Check them out at

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