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    Since I am no longer a business but the leader of an ile/spiritual group, I have had to restructure things in my life and websites. So I have moved the focus of my non local community service to ObeahWoman.com. I will keep most pages with important information up until April 2023 so long as they are still being referenced, but you should update your links and bookmarks. Thank you!

Love Spell Tool Instructions

Here are instructions for how to use the tools that you may have received because you ordered a love spell.  Each situation is different, and may have different tools.  So make sure you are reading the correct instructions.

The Nkisi (Talisman)

If you received a talisman, you will need to activate it by opening the box, looking into the mirror, telling it what you want, and closing the box.

Keep it in either a safe place or on your altar.  If you are female, you will probably keep it near your Oshun or an Oshun friendly place, such as wherever you keep your makeup or underwear.  If you are male, you would keep it near Shango, or in a Shango friendly place, such as wherever you keep your athletic gear or again, your underwear drawer.  Under the bed is also a good place to keep them.

In either case, do not keep them in or near any shoes.

They should not be negatively affected from being touched by someone else, but it is a bad idea to allow this to happen.  Sometimes if someone disapproves of your spirituality, they can “mark” your things with negative energy.  So just make sure to keep it safe and if necessary, hidden.

Do not unwrap, unravel, or untie anything that is sewn or tied.  That should be understood, but I get that sometimes in nervousness, people do things.  If it is sewn or glued shut, it’s supposed to stay that way.

Oshun Oil

If you are female or a feminine male, you would get a custom Oshun oil.  You need to wear five drops of this oil every Saturday as a perfume.  You may use more, but five is usually enough.  At least one drop should go in your cleavage, and one in your navel.  The other three can go wherever else you like.

You may also wear the oil daily or when you go out, but you must at least wear it every Saturday.  It is also helpful for you to wear something yellow, green, or both on Saturdays.

Shango Oil

If you are male or a masculine female, then you would get a custom Shango oil.  You need to wear six drops every Friday as a perfume.  You may use more, but it is not recommended because Shango, being the Orisha of fire, can cause a rise in your aggression and sex drive.  Too much is too much, especially if the fire element is already strong in you.

You may wear it daily and for going out, but you must at least wear it on Fridays.  It is also helpful for you to wear red, white, or both, and to go out dancing or participate in some martial arts.

Stay-put Powder

When you change your bed, sprinkle a little of the powder near the foot of the bed, on the mattress.  Do not sprinkle it near the head of the bed because it contains talcum, which can damage the lungs in too high quantities.  A little sprinkle is enough.

It is recommended, so that you can control the dosage, to add the contents of the packet to a normal powder shaker.  If someone wonders why you are powdering the bed, you can tell them that you learned from southern women that this is how they help keep their mattress fresh.  It is true that we do this for hygiene reasons.  Summers get really hot, and powdering the bed keeps the feet from making the mattress smell like feet.

Oshun-Yemaya Bath Salt

Put a couple of tablespoons of this in your bathwater on Saturdays.  If you only have a shower, dissolve it in a jar or pitcher of warm water, and pour it over your body just before you rinse off.

Honey Tongue Lipgloss

Wear this whenever you are about to talk to the person you want to seduce, or you want people in general to listen to you better and do as you ask.

Marry My Mommy/Daddy Oil

This is to convince your partner to return because the children miss him/her, or convince someone who is waffling about commitment to go ahead and marry or commit to you because the children need stability.  Put three drops of this oil in 1/2 liter (500 ml.) of liquid soap, shampoo, or shower gel that your children use.  Don’t forget to give it a good shake.  You can also put a couple of drops in the fabric softener or on a dryer sheet.

Honeymoon Incense

Burn this incense on charcoal or on a hot pan or bakhoor burner.  Remember to open your windows a little or have adequate ventilation.

Pikes of Iku

These put someone in mortal fear if they walk out of your residence thinking of leaving you.  Drive them into the soil around your house or the building you reside in, near the doorways.

Protection Salts

Sprinkle these near your doorways and under your windows to protect yourself and those who enter your residence against negative energy and malevolent witchcraft.

Directional Stones/Nkisi

These are stones to protect yourself or someone in your house from a malevolent Spirit or energy that has plagued them in the past.  This ensures that the entity will stay away from them.

Bury the stones as they are labelled, in the north, south, east, and west, borders of the yard or building you reside in.  The C (center) stone should be buried as close to the “center” (near your doorway) as possible.

Love Potion Packet

On a Saturday, open the bag and pour the contents into 100 ml. of vodka.  Close the bottle or jar, and turn it over, towards yourself, 9 times.  Let it sit in the refrigerator or another cool, dark place for one week.  Strain it into a clean bottle or jar.  Put a five drops into their drink.

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