• We’re Moving!

    Since I am no longer a business but the leader of an ile/spiritual group, I have had to restructure things in my life and websites. So I have moved the focus of my non local community service to ObeahWoman.com. I will keep most pages with important information up until April 2023 so long as they are still being referenced, but you should update your links and bookmarks. Thank you!

Hoodoo Bones (Voodoo Runes or African Runes)

If you would like to order a bone reading, click here. Sheloya’s Hoodoo bones system is meant for people who are learning to read bones (osteomancy) or want a more “portable” or easily readable and interactive version of them.  When you’re first starting out, these will get you used to…

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New Item: Hoodoo Bones

I’ve finally finished my first “runes” project, a set of African diaspora themed Hoodoo “bones”.  We’re doing a promotional auction on eBay, and selling them in our eCrater store as well.  You can also buy them here. Product name: Hoodoo Bones Price: $30.00 These are made from polymer clay and…

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