Link: About the NIH-DOD-VA Pain Management Collaboratory – Pain Management Collaboratory

The Pain Management Collaboratory is comprised of 11 large-scale, multisite, pragmatic clinical trials that focus on implementation and evaluation of nonpharmacological approaches for the management of pain and common co-occurring conditions in Military and Veterans healthcare systems. The Pain Management Collaboratory Coordinating Center (PMC3) facilitates and supports the individual trials…

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Psychological Effects of Yoga and Physical Therapy on Low-Back Pain and Disability | NCCIH

Improvements in perceived stress may contribute to a reduction in low-back pain (LBP) and related disability in people with chronic LBP who receive physical therapy (PT), according to a recent analysis of data. However, the effects of yoga and PT on other psychological factors, compared to an education control group,…

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Hello World and Dedication


Eshu Elegbara! Master of the gate between the Òrún and the Áyè, the spirit and the physical realms! Thank you for the opportunity to rebuild this site and continue this mission to share knowledge between health care providers, both conventional and alternative! Eshu Elegbara! He who holds the keys of…

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