Counselors vs Probation Officers | Recovery SI

Probably the smart thing is to engineer some type of joint training that provides an opportunity for them to interact. Doesn’t have to be a teambuilding exercise — just something that allows the two groups to get to know one another and humanize their respective positions. The topic could be specific to working with criminal justice clients. Should have small group exercises as well as large — possibly with the help of facilitators.One important point: because so many offenders are in treatment solely because the Court ordered it, the Court becomes the customer, with the client’s role shifting to ‘consumer’. As a result, POs may see themselves as entitled to frequent and thorough reports that may include info the therapist would normally be reluctant to share. If the clinicians view the PO as an outsider with the potential to interfere with treatment, there will inevitably be painful conflict.

Source: Counselors vs Probation Officers | Recovery SI

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