Esther House resident: ‘I witnessed truly appalling things’ : Patricia Lavater’s Esther House Revealed to be a Fake Rehab Cult

This is part 14 in a series. For the rest of the series, go here.

Melissa Camm wrote to Crikey this week with her recollections of life at the Esther Foundation’s rehab facility.

“My anxiety popped up after reading the articles in relation to Esther House and it took me a bit to work through,” she said.Here’s what she wrote: I first became a participant of Esther House when I was just 14 years old, after a family breakdown. Immediately I was told I was unable to contact any of my family, my friends or anyone in my support network. I had to immediately surrender my wallet and mobile phone. If I needed anything I’d have to wait for a “worker” on a designated shopping trip, who would stand with my wallet in a zip-lock bag and pay for me. Even if I needed something as simple as tampons.

Source: Esther House resident: ‘I witnessed truly appalling things’

Watch the 60 Minutes Australia video on Patricia Lavater’s Esther House fake rehab/cult based on the premise that the natural reactions to trauma are demon possession.

Read more at their article. It’s definitely a cautionary tale about how religion interfering with government is dangerous.

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