California megachurch leader, grandparents charged with murder, torture in death of 11-year-old daughter



A California megachurch leader and her parents have been arrested on charges including murder and torture in the death of the woman’s 11-year-old daughter.Leticia McCormack, a leader at Rock Church in San Diego, founded and led by former NFL player Miles McPherson, was booked in jail Monday on a charge of murder, three counts of torture, and three counts of willful cruelty to a child in the death of Arabella McCormack, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office reported.On Thursday, McCormack’s leadership profile had been removed from the megachurch’s website.Arabella was initially fostered before being adopted by Brian and Leticia McCormack, officials said.

Source: California megachurch leader, grandparents charged with murder, torture in death of 11-year-old daughter

This is one of the many reasons that adoption is not a good alternative for abortion. These “good Christian” people will foster and adopt children and then abuse and kill them. There are way too many of these sadists to roll the dice. When half of the country will vote someone into office who openly taunts disabled people, it’s not a good idea to bank a helpless child’s safety on the system.

I understand this sounds grim, and folks aren’t used to seeing this level of rawness on a spiritual site, but this isn’t your average spiritual site. Our basis is African spirituality, not “new age” misinterpretations of eastern philosophies. Like the real eastern belief systems, we have wrathful deities. A child killed unjustly for religious reasons gains the power on the other side to end the lives of all responsible for their untimely passing.

Every breath her murderers and those who enabled them take at this point is borrowed time. To send your vote to the Collective Consciousness, give this child some water and a balanced meal on your Departed altar. This does not presume the material existence of deities or spirits. It can however, move important messages and impulses through the minds and hearts of humanity to bring about change.

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