3 tips & tricks to help you choose the right spiritual guru, guide, teacher for you.

Hello my beloved Suga Honey Dumplings! Today I am circling back to a subject I spoke about a while ago. Let’s talk about my personal recommendations when it comes to choosing the right spiritual guide, guru, and teacher for you. Today we are going to get into my first three…

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A brief history of powerful gemstone amulets | V&A

Bewitching and beautiful, spiritual and sparkling – colourful stones, crystals and gems have been used throughout human history for devotion and decoration. For centuries, these natural curiosities have been gathered from the landscape and crafted into intimate objects which often have amuletic (protective), or healing properties when worn, carried, or…

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Frontiers | Neural Correlates of the Shamanic State of Consciousness

Neural Correlates of the Shamanic State of Consciousness

Psychedelics have been recognized as model interventions for studying altered states of consciousness. However, few empirical studies of the shamanic state of consciousness, which is anecdotally similar to the psychedelic state, exist. We investigated the neural correlates of shamanic trance using high-density electroencephalography (EEG) in 24 shamanic practitioners and 24…

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