NIMH » Research, Practice, and Data Informed Investigations of Child and Youth Suicide: A Science to Service and Service to Science Approach

The purpose of this workshop is to understand the challenges of investigating child and youth deaths. During the workshop, we will discuss past, current, and future research on child and youth suicide, as well as the methods used to investigate and certify their deaths. We will also look at data…

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NOT-OD-23-107: Request for Information (RFI): Food is Medicine Research Opportunities

This Request for Information (RFI) invites input on research opportunities and best practices for Food is Medicine research programs. These programs are part of a whole-of-government approach to end hunger, improve nutrition and physical activity, and reduce diet-related diseases and disparities. Review of this entire RFI notice is encouraged to…

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Here’s why Substack’s scam worked so well • Buttondown

Substack’s leadership pays a secret, select group of people to write for the platform

As you may already know, Substack is a tool for publishing email newsletters like this one. The idea is that anyone can start a newsletter, using Substack’s (very nice) interface, and we have the option to charge subscribers. Substack advertises itself as a tool, an app, that functions like a…

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How MAGA Conspiracies Infected Autism Groups – Mother Jones

How MAGA Conspiracies Infected Autism Groups

The result of cross-pollination between Covid and autism, says Canadian autism-acceptance activist Anne Borden King, who is working on a book about unproven autism treatments, is an explosive blending of disinformation. As the anti-vaccine movement has increasingly tacked right in recent years, the true believers in autism cures have aligned…

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RFA-ES-23-007: Exploratory Grants for Climate Change and Health Research Center Development (P20 Clinical Trial Optional)

The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to solicit P20 planning grant applications for Climate Change and Health Research Centers (CCHRCs). This program will support the development of a transdisciplinary research environment to sustain a program of fundamental and applied research to examine the impacts of climate…

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