Decolonizing Health Through Chinese and African Medicine with Dr. Lai and Dr. Boubacar

Join us for our fourth installment in the ‘Actions to Decolonising Development’ video series, where our Research and Policy Analyst, Sena Voncujovi, and Economist Consultant, Rugare Mukanganga, sit down with Dr. Lili Lai, Associate Professor of Anthropology at PKU, and Dr. Diarra Boubacar, a medical doctor with a Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together, they explore the relationship between traditional African and Chinese medicine and decolonizing global health. They offer insights into decolonizing modern approaches to medicine and treatment, while also addressing the relevance of contemporary and traditional remedies for health.

Source:  How can Traditional African and Chinese Medicine Decolonise Global Health? Dr. Lai and Dr. Boubacar

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