Frontiers | Neural Correlates of the Shamanic State of Consciousness

Neural Correlates of the Shamanic State of Consciousness

Psychedelics have been recognized as model interventions for studying altered states of consciousness. However, few empirical studies of the shamanic state of consciousness, which is anecdotally similar to the psychedelic state, exist. We investigated the neural correlates of shamanic trance using high-density electroencephalography (EEG) in 24 shamanic practitioners and 24…

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Ayahuasca and Madness | The Ayavolve Institute

If you come back with a messiah complex you did it wrong and your guides were probably not Indigenous trained. One of the big tasks I believe people have post-ceremony, is to rigorously challenge our assumptions about self, ego mind, what may be an insight during ceremony, and what may…

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Link and Comment: How Safe Is Ayahuasca? Large-Scale Study Explores | Technology Networks

How Safe Is Ayahuasca?

At the University of Melbourne, Dr. Daniel Perkins is involved in a number of research projects surrounding medicinal psychedelics and medicinal cannabis. He is the director of the Global Ayahuasca Project, which aims to increase our understanding of ayahuasca drinking context across the world, including why people drink it, the…

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