Former Cult Member Answers Cult Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Dr. Janja Lalich, a sociologist who used to be in a cult, answers the internet’s burning questions about cults. How did Charles Manson get a cult following? What’s the best movie about cults? Why did everyone in the Heaven’s Gate cult wear Nikes? How do people get brainwashed? Dr. Janja…

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How MAGA Conspiracies Infected Autism Groups – Mother Jones

How MAGA Conspiracies Infected Autism Groups

The result of cross-pollination between Covid and autism, says Canadian autism-acceptance activist Anne Borden King, who is working on a book about unproven autism treatments, is an explosive blending of disinformation. As the anti-vaccine movement has increasingly tacked right in recent years, the true believers in autism cures have aligned…

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“Chemical Castration”: White Genocide and Male Extinction in Rhetoric of Endocrine Disruption – NiCHE

White supremacists claim atrazine is being used to destroy the “white” race. Pseudo panafricans claim it is being used to destroy Black people. Both are misusing science for political and social media clout. Worse, they exploit the work of a Black scientist to promote “white” supremacy. In this essay, I…

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Family found dead in Pennsylvania made a ‘joint decision’ to kill themselves, police say

A Pennsylvania family found shot dead in their backyard last week in what police say appears to be a suicide pact, included a mother and daughter who loved bowling and were devout Christian conservatives, people who knew them said… “They were just so hell-bent on Trump winning, like this could…

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“Gender Exploratory Therapy”: A New Anti-trans Conversion Therapy With A Misleading Name

Gender Exploratory Therapy Sham

You should know about gender exploratory therapy. This therapy seeks to “explore” why a trans person is trans while keeping HRT “several months away.” They never intend to allow transition. Source: “Gender Exploratory Therapy”: A New Anti-trans Conversion Therapy With A Misleading Name Post Views: 172

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