NNLM Discovery | AI in the Scientific Landscape (Season 1/Episode 10)

There have been numerous groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements over the last year. Generative AI, which has exploded in popularity since last November with the release of ChatGPT, introduces major opportunities to boost productivity and advance NLM’s capabilities. These tools also present some limitations that all users must be aware of. Episode 8, “The Future of AI in Medicine” was recorded last summer before Generative AI exploded onto the public consciousness. So we felt compelled to follow up with a bonus episode guest produced by Dianne Babski, Associate Director for Library Operations at the National Library of Medicine. In this bonus episode, Dianne interviews NLM scientists Dr. Sameer Antani and Dr. Zhiyong Lu to explain how generative AI is transforming the scientific landscape. They discuss ChatGPT, large Language models (LLMs), AI hallucinations, and more. As mentioned in this episode, all of the artwork for NNLM Discovery has been created using a generative AI text-to-image tool. We have added the text prompts for each image to the shows’ descriptions. Here is a summary of the entire season’s imagery: https://www.nnlm.gov/podcast

Source: NNLM Discovery | AI in the Scientific Landscape (Season 1/Episode 10)

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