Tarot, Bone, and Cowrie Shell Readings

SheloyaWe offer Tarot and Hoodoo Bone readings as well as love readings and cowrie readings.  If your reading is about something specific, please state so in the instructions section of your payment form or contact us.

The way we do readings is a bit different from most offers you see on the internet.  We make a video of your bone or tarot reading, and send you the link by email, so you can see with your own eyes what came up.

If the result is that the Spirits refuse to answer your question or reveal anything to you at the time, we will refund your money.

Hoodoo Bones Reading

Product name: Video Bone Reading
Price: $50.00

Product name: Video Tarot Reading
Price: $30.00

Product name: Photo Cowrie Shell Reading (If your question needs a simple yes or no answer.)
Price: $5.00

Product name: Photo Love Reading (To find out if you and your partner are a match blessed by the spirits.)
Price: $5.00

I also offer spells and rootwork.  Before you can order these though, you have to order a reading.  It is important to do divination before doing any spell, even to know what offerings and ingredients would be best.



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  5. I need help removing the negative energy and dark clouds and evil eye spell around me so I can bring back my exboyfriend L. back into my life for good and I wish my family and his family will welcome both of us to the family and be really happy for us, I wish he will move closer where I’m at so we can spend some time together and be a real family and husband and wife

  6. Kalayla Dunbar-Johnson

    Hello, I was wondering if you do initiations . I want to be initiated into our lifestyle as a life long member can you help?

    • Hello Kalayla 🙂 I am the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, a diaspora ile of witches, and do initiations to my ile and a temporary initiation pact for my students. So if you are in Israel and a witch or aspiring witch, I can help you with community in that, but this is as much as I can do. I am not a priestess of African Vodun, Orisa, or Ifa, and cannot initiate someone into those traditions. I will be posting an article soon with information and contacts for initiation into various African traditions though, so check back here occasionally. I should have that article up the week after the 17th.

      Blessings and Ase!

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