Video Tarot and Bone Readings

SheloyaWe offer Tarot and Hoodoo Bone readings.  If your reading is about something specific, please state so in the instructions section of your payment form.

The way we do readings is a bit different from most offers you see on the internet.  We make a video of your bone or tarot reading, and send you the link by email, so you can see with your own eyes what came up.

If the result is that the Spirits refuse to answer your question or reveal anything to you at the time, we will refund your money.

Hoodoo Bones Reading

Product name: Video Bone Reading
Price: $50.00

Product name: Video Tarot Reading
Price: $30.00

I also offer spells and rootwork.  Before you can order these though, you have to order a reading.  It is important to do divination before doing any spell, even to know what offerings and ingredients would be best.

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